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  1. c_200k

    C63 or C63s? Worth the extra pennies?

    Nope still got it, although haven't driven it much in this weather.
  2. c_200k

    px value, what do we think: cls63 estate

    My Last C63 had 5 owners in 5yrs nothing new there, it had full dealer history and a bunch of maintenance files. Was one of the best and most fun cars I've owned.
  3. c_200k

    Range Rover reliability

    A good friend runs a garage next door to a Landrover dealer, I was talking to him about potential next purchase being a 2-3yr old Range Rover Vogue and he said don't bring it to me I'm fed up of them. So I think I might pass.
  4. c_200k

    Check engine light on MY2018 E63S

    I've noticed a good few people on mbworld having this issue with some even having Merc buy back the car because they couldn't sort it. It's the 4.0l Biturbo engine 2018 S63 Check Engine! - Forums
  5. c_200k

    Black C63S 2015 Saloon well specced

    sensible offers considered
  6. c_200k

    Another recall. SRPC1836

    My ML is going in for a recall on Monday and the Dealer has been amazing, They are going to come out on Monday Pick up the ML drop off a courtesy take it 50 miles back to their branch then bring it back and collect loaner. All so I'm not inconvenienced, the service has always been amazing from...
  7. c_200k

    Pistonheads AMG swap.

    £3k per month, min 3 month rental for a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography iirc
  8. c_200k

    Today's the day

    congrats on the new motor, you'll love it. Engine in S+, suspension in comfort and let the pops and bangs do what they do best
  9. c_200k

    Employment law question

    I've had this in the pacst but I was paid a months pay then they decided to take it back, So I chose to pay it back £5 a week.
  10. c_200k

    C63 or C63s? Worth the extra pennies?

    Still no letting me, there needs to be the start conversation link and it's not there. just call or txt
  11. c_200k

    Soon to be a c63s Owner

    That's a big change, Personally I would've kept the X5 but that's only because it fits my work needs and I prefer a bit of comfort now. What's the reason for change?
  12. c_200k

    C63 or C63s? Worth the extra pennies?

    says you need to change your privacy settings.
  13. c_200k

    C63 or C63s? Worth the extra pennies?

    It doesn't let me pm you. Maybe an Admin can either send you my details or vice versa
  14. c_200k

    C63 or C63s? Worth the extra pennies?

    I've got performance seats in mine and yes at first when I sat in them I thought they were uncomfortable but the more you drive it the more comfortable they are.
  15. c_200k

    Black C63S 2015 Saloon well specced

    Hi I've been offered another car, so need to make space and the C63S as amazing as it is, it is must go. Immaculate condition Mercedes Benz C63s AMG in Obsidian Black has all the right spec including: Premium Pack 2015 Black 1 previous owner 32k (in daily use) mot till may 2019 (no advisories)...
  16. c_200k

    Anyone regret selling their C63?

    I've had 3 cars with the M156 engine 2007 E63, 2009 C63 and Facelift 2011 C63, did plenty miles in all and never had a problem. The 2011 Facelift C63 was amazing and I'd buy another tomorrow. The headbolt issue was sorted in 2011 there is a list somewhere with engine numbers etc
  17. c_200k

    Anyone regret selling their C63?

    I used my C63 right through last winter and it bloody snowed pretty well. Get some winters on it and it'll be fine.
  18. c_200k

    E63. S worth the extra £?

    And the front steering rack was tweaked/changed by AMG to make it much more sharper and responsive. So I'd say yes I'd go with an S over standard.
  19. c_200k

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Buy Car Registrations in the UK - Private Personal Number Plates Perfect
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