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  1. GordonTarling

    E63 oil info

    Mine's always had Mobil 1 0W40 and I usually supply it to the garage, just to help ensure the right oil is used. I've been doing around 6k miles per year and it's probably needing around 1 litre of top up during that period.
  2. GordonTarling

    Mechanic / Garage Recommendations

    PCS at Horndean in Hampshire would be my recommendation - Olly (owner) frequents this forum and really knows MB's.. Many of his customers come from farther afield than you, so certainly worth the trip.
  3. GordonTarling

    What do you think of this?

    Does this car have an active bonnet? If so, it might account for the larger than normal panel gap?
  4. GordonTarling

    Should I be using Comfort or Sport mode....

    When wifey's in the car, I use 'C' mode. When she's not, I usually use 'S' mode. :)
  5. GordonTarling

    Decent indie around Peterborough, Cambs area

    C & V Cars | Mercedes Specialists | Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Bought my E63 from them and then they replaced front discs and pads - I'll happily recommend them.
  6. GordonTarling

    C63 M156 Engine noise

    Definitely one of the pulley bearings. When my serpentine belt was chewed up last year, my garage replaced the tensioner and three idler pulleys, so get them all checked. I'm also told that the water pump bearings are prone to wear/failure, so check that as well.
  7. GordonTarling

    Bye, Concorde ...

    At less than half the speed! There's a price to be paid for everything. London to New York, business meeting and then return to London in under 12 hours is something no other passenger aircraft is able to achieve.
  8. GordonTarling

    W211 wipers stopped working

    One of my previous 211's used to do the same - I was told that it's probably caused by the relevant SAM having a moment. Best to get codes read if you can.
  9. GordonTarling

    W210 E320 cdi diff vibration

    I'd have thought it more likely to be the prop shaft rather than the diff itself. As you say, diffs usually make a noise when they're getting worn.
  10. GordonTarling

    2010 vs 2011 E63

    Although mine's older, I'm more than happy with the M156 engine in my E63. :) You probably already know that the two weaknesses of that engine are head bolts and cams/followers. A car of the age you're looking at won't be affected by the head bolt issue, but I'm not sure if anything was done...
  11. GordonTarling

    What gearbox oil

    Why would you put ATF into a manual gearbox? Easy enough to find the correct oil for it from either the handbook or one of the oil supplier's websites, like Opie Oils. Suggest that you hange the oil for the correct one as soon as you can.
  12. GordonTarling

    Virgin Traveller to America

    A good American pal told me to NEVER get into any sort of 'argument' whilst driving, as the other man probably has a 'piece' in his glove box. Not too sure about the New England states, but in some US states, carrying a hidden gun is legal.
  13. GordonTarling

    W211 leaky transmission oil cooler lines.

    My 'older' 5g 211 had this problem. The cooler pipes are alloy AFAIK and get corroded by road salt etc. They push into the cooler with an o-ring seal and are held in place by one bolt. Mine required a new radiator as well as the pipes, due to corrosion. A local garage changed mine and I...
  14. GordonTarling

    buying a 211 e500

    I've had one or two 211 estates now :) and I have to say that I wouldn't touch a car like this which has been converted to LPG. Why does an owner convert to LPG? Main reason is surely to save money, so if the fuel budget is under pressure, then the maintenance budget probably is as well...
  15. GordonTarling


    What sort of caravan only weighs 200kg? My box trailer weighs more than that! The E class is a very capable towing machine, just ensure you buy one that is approved to tow - AMG models aren't. Best to read up on how best to load the combo - better to load the caravan and keep it properly...
  16. GordonTarling

    Michelin tyres and the 211 estate

    Check your handbook before you buy, as I'm fairly sure you have to have XL rated tyres at the rear of the estate versions.
  17. GordonTarling

    Watch suggestions

    DrFeelgood - Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look and see what I can find. ChrisEdu - Great idea, I never thought of that! I'll do some investigating and see what I can find.
  18. GordonTarling

    Watch suggestions

    m80 - Thanks, you're so right about the volume of a watch. The Casio that arrived earlier this week is hardly audible against any background noise and I've missed hearing it three times already. A Seiko chronograph/alarm watch which was lurking in a drawer only has one alarm, but that is also...
  19. GordonTarling

    W212 AMG Sport harsh ride quality

    Another thought - how many miles has your car done? if over 80k to 100k, then a new set of shocks might make all the difference - it did on my previous S211.
  20. GordonTarling

    W212 AMG Sport harsh ride quality

    Changing the suspension setup will be costly and could get complicated. Your best bet is to get some smaller wheels with higher profile tyres and see how that helps. If you don't like it, you can always resell them for a decent price. Might be worth trying slightly lower tyre pressures, too...
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