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    First Safari Trip, Which Camera To take?

    If you don't want to buy anything in addition take both. Use the small camera for landscapes. It should be adequate for at least A4 enlargements. Nothing wrong with film and a good lens, especially if you know the kit. Consider a monopod though to reduce shake and also consider a 1.5 or 2...
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    Action holidays!

    besides the boredom of sitting on a beach, I would have thought that warnings about the dangers of too much sun would put people off. LA when working is boring but for a holiday there is plenty to do, either at a kids level or, on a higher plane of culture. Try going inland too. In fact I have...
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    Carbon emissions

    Okay, I could believe that. In that case, if someone doesn't mind answering and I am not being too dumb, 1) how much oxygen is burnt per liter of petrol in combustion? 2) does this have any impact in terms of depleting oxygen supplies and can this be quantified? 3) I have some vague...
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    Carbon emissions

    Have I got something wrong? I understand that one liter of petrol weighs 0.72 kg. I also understand that 1 liter of petrol gives off 2.33 kg of Carbon in emissions. Are these figures correct and if so can someone explain the physics of that?
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    Panasonic Lumix G1

    Roll on the samples.
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    Canon camera advice please

    As has been said any camera in the price range that you are talking about will give more than satisfactory images. I sometimes still use an older 5MP camera as against my Nikon D700 and have pictures in the national press from the 5MP camera. But here is an article that may help you; The...
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    Panasonic Lumix G1

    Although I now mainly use a Nikon D700, I still bring my old Lumix DMC FZ20 into use sometimes. Although it is 'only' 5MP the images are superb and I still use the old images - some have been published in national newspapers. The problem that i had with this was 'shutter-lag'. On the GF1 I note...
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    Canon camera advice please

    MP is a poor guide. Always go for a good camera, even with lower MP. Sensor size and how it is all manged is more important. You can find some small P&S cameras with astounding MP's and they will give good shots but start expanding their range in size and other aspects and they soon fall far...
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    C class diesel proplems - orders delayed?

    No idea but my 8 month old 320CDI works as perfectly as my last two Murky B's. The only problem that I have with the C Class is that the ride is not as good as the E Class but I knew that anyway.
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    Has Mercedes lost its class, prestige and exclusivity?

    I have a photo somewhere of my wife's grandfather, whom I am sure will not have minded me calling him an ordinary man, behind the wheel of his Mercedes in 1936 or so in Germany. Even then they made a range of cars to suit people ranging from Heads of State to more or less ordinary people.
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    You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop.....

    The assumption behind this appears to be that America saved the World. For all those of that opinion I suggest reading Norman Davies 'Europe at War' Europe at War 1939-1945: No Simple Victory: Norman Davies: Books Both Britain and America were minor players. In casualty terms, of...
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    'Dan Brown can't write for toffee' Club

    My pen, like my mind, is a blunt sword but not that blunt that it cannot be highly offended by the style and output of Dan Brown. His plots feed the hungrily conspiratorial voids of empty minds and cons them into thinking that this is real literature. I read the Da Vinci Code from a "It can't...
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    Briatore's Crashgate

    Just playing devil's advocate, let's say that Renault knew nothing about this until the allegations were made. They conduct their own investigation and find the allegations are true. They are appalled and take immediate action; Briatore and Symonds out and litigation cancelled. Appear before...
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    Tricky picture to get ...

    You could use a remote to fire the camera or do you already? The iPhone now has a feature that enables you to trigger a camera remotely. The advantage being that you get to see the shot on the iPhone and know if you need to move the camera or subject.
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    Briatore's Crashgate

    I always found him and his style distatsteful. He was the sort of person of whom I thought you would have to count your fingers after shaking hands. In my experience such people are usually smart enough to stay above the spilling of blood and so it is a surprise to see him getting caught. It...
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    Berlin for the weekend

    Coincidentally we will be there next week too but this is probably my 15th visit. It started when I was doing business (IT) in the Cold war. A lot has changed since then. If you speak German, Matthias Rau's tours are unbeatable. Matthias Rau Stadtführungen Berlin You can take a tour bus or bus...
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    Researching a WWII family casualty

    The Germans, in general, are bemused but not amused at the British obsession with WW2. For them it is over, they have rebuilt their country and they are trying to get on with being, for the most part, Europeans. You can try to contact the family but they might wonder what on earth you are up...
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    Pictures from the Oldtimer airshow at Hahnweide airfield, Kirchheim unter Teck

    Nice pics again, my sort of thing. I went on the LH Ju-52 around Frankfurt. A surprisingly comfortable and civilised aircraft. Because it's approach is so slow it doesn't get in line to land at Frankfurt, instead it comes in perpendicular to the runway, turns in when over the runway threshold...
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    what do you think of the nhs?

    I will stop trying to trade points and try to be constructive. Yes, agency type privatisation is is not necessarily the way to go. IT is important especially in terms of managing and distributing key information whether it be administrative or medical. I have seen many disastrous IT projects...
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    what do you think of the nhs?

    Smatt when i say that you make good points, I mean that you make good points but you pose them as fait accompli - that is the way it is. I am trying to propose solutions. A revolution in both the NHS and in the public's expectations of the NHS would be a good thing and I see the experience in...
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