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    New Tyres- Mitchelin are definately quieter

    Definitely agree with above statement. Might be a personal thing but after trying a few sets of tyres (michelin PS2, Bridgestone RE050A, Goodyear F1-gs3, yokohama advan sport and a couple of others I can't remember) end up always going back to the conti SC3. In my personal opinion best...
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    Koni FSDs

    Local Koni distrib didn't offer me a full replacement at the time. Considered normal wear and tear but did offered 40% discount on a replacement pair of FSD. They where eventually replaced with the yellow koni's with a 30% discount. On smooth highway would rate them equally. Nice taught feel and...
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    Koni FSDs

    Hi, I ran these on my "better half" S203. They where perfect when new, BUT they stop working correctly and turn into "boat" asborbers quite quickly. This also happened on my old Seat Leon which ran them for about the same time period. In both cars they lasted all of 47,000-50,000km (horible...
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    w203 facelift grill & fogs

    Hi, Have a spare w203 facelift front grille in very good condition and a spare set of hella fog lamps (including the HB4 lamps). All in perfect working order with no damage. Grille pic: Fogs pics...
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    Gen or not?

    My experience is not Merc related so take it with a pinch of salt. On former VW found there to be a wide range of gen parts from the as good as OEM to the very bad, most of the time not being able to figure out good from bad. Eventually didn't bother and bought directly from dealer.
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    Retro Fit Rain Sensor

    Sorry can't really remember and have done it on both facelifts at home :doh:. have you gone through the topics on the forums? still have them bookmarked:
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    Retro Fit Rain Sensor

    Hi, No the actual screan is different. The standard screan has 2 lenses bonded to it, the rain sensor version screen has 10. The bracket for light sensor will be same size for both versions, but your missing the lenses for the rain sensor.
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    Brake dust problem

    Everyone has his own recepie for success here: Personally use meguiars wheel bright (diluted) and poor boys wax. BTW...Welcome to the forums :)
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    more sound..

    yes, using the connect 2 steering wheel interface. No intrument cluster interface though.
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    more sound..

    I've update my facelifw 203 to a double din pioneer 900bt unit. also replace the standard speakers for factory replacement Rainbow speakers. That alone completely transformed sound and I'm more than happy with sound. Obviously not major ICE and definitely not windscreen shattering sound..:D...
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    Polish & Wax for Alloys

    i use Meguiars wheel bright (1 US gallon) lasts a long time. Diluted 1:4 Use sonus tyre dressing and Poorboy's wheel sealant. On our Seat nothing works though. Those d"#$med pagid RS brake pads work great, but pit the clear coat on wheels..:eek:
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    Help with 203 facelift BEM part numbers

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    W203 Facelift. Thermotronic control unit

    Hope to be able to order one of these someday...:)
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    Sound deadening project bonnet

    Nice job. Have been tempted to do the bulkhead myself. Just looks like a big job.
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    W203 Facelift. Thermotronic control unit

    found this on german ebay: Klimabedienteil Bedienteil Mercedes W203 C-Klasse on eBay (end time 13-Mar-11 13:43:59 GMT) IMHO expensive though for a used unit
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    Help with 203 facelift BEM part numbers

    Hi everyone, Ok, so I'm a bit sick of the aluminum interior trim in my car...:D Did I mention that both 203 have the aluminum trim...:doh: Does anyone know the part numbers for birds eye maple interior trim on the w203 facelift?? From what I've understood no longer available through dealer but...
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    3M polish

    I've used a few of there products with very good results. Especially like ultrafina SE (swirl eliminator) when too lazy to do a complete job. :)
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    Lost my Porter Cable!! What to replace it?

    what about replacing it with another Porter cable. TBH, haven't used anything else, but very happy with it.
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    What are these tyres like???

    The pilot sport 2 are my 2nd favorite tyre on mine (just after the conti SC3). I haven't tried the new michelin PS3, but might be my next set.
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    multiple coats of polish

    Pretty much do the same when not in lazy mode. Use sonus polishes though.
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