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    Car inspection in London?

    noun - the ability to be amused by things lol
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    Car inspection in London?

    Mate - i live in london and am just trying to help the guy What it is with you people who make comments like that on this forum - are you just bored?
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    Drivers side Electric Windows, Mirror, Seats All not working!

    Hello if i can be of any help give me a call Mobile Mercedes Diag/Repairs 0779977 3232 In and around central and south west london
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    Car inspection in London?

    If you have not already had it inspected Give me a call 0779977 3232 Ill check it over inside and out and "star" check it £ 175.00 Im in Carshalton area - Im a mobile Mercedes specialist
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    c 220 cdi 2003 Car wont start

    A injector leak off test needs to be done - manual test I saw something on here before someone had made there own tool for this test - quite impressive Im sure youll find it in the searches
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    E320 CDI starting trouble!!

    The 210 goes into limp mode if the valve body in the auto box recieves an undervoltge the fault code needs to be cleared - weak battery would cause this on initial start-up
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    Service Cost

    and that aswell Lot of money though!
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    Service Cost

    Why do people get their cars serviced at a main dealer? talking from an owner/driver/technicians point of view The main reasons i think are Mobilolife cover and genuine service history and trusty people. 1. Mobilolife - great if you get the benefit of a merc technician coming out to you or...
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    Dead battery in de-locked boot

    Im stupid :o i did not read it properly - i jumped the gun a bit there!!!:crazy: I assumed they never had driver jump points in the front of 202 and 210 because they are not clearly coloured red like the 203 and 211. I would normally use a manual key but some times now i think of it i...
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    C180 starting problems

    give us a call i live in morden, im a mobile merc mechanic 0779977 32 32
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    Dead battery in de-locked boot

    Why make it so complicated ? Remove the rear bench seat and then what your aiming to do is pull out the bottom of the backrest of the rear seat and stretch up and pull the release lever to drop the rear seat down
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    Bull....!!! Crank sensors only ever fail and they cause the engine to start. Recognition sensor to signal the sparking of the plugs they do not or can not cause a misfire! These engines require spark plugs every 60k but if it has been done it is probably the leads or a coil pack. I suspect these...
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    E320 CDI starting trouble!!

    New battery 100ah 760amps £110.45 from Mercedes
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    Urgent Help - Loss of Drive

    I live in morden and am a mobile merc mechanic 0779977 3232
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    c 220 cdi 2003 Car wont start

    First thing to check is air in the fuel ines - get someone to crank the engine whilst you inspect the fuel lines in the engine bay ( the plastic fuel lines are transparent but have a black casing over them this can be slid back or cut back) Check the main line first from the filter to the fuel...
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    ML 163 skidding

    Just a suggestion but have you checked the rear shock absorbers
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    Mercedes auto gearbox specialist

    "diamond transmissions" they are in park royal Great bunch of lads and really know there stuff
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    Woohoo! and HELP!

    I would firstly check has the old loom got those ends. I would suspect it is for extras on another model maybe a secondary air pump. My E55 has the same leftovers from standard factory build The ring termnal has to be an earth check to see if the terminal has a live Then like you said...
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    C55 AMG Advice needed

    yeah - see where you coming from horses for courses :)
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    New to these Forums

    Hello I need some good advice from all you more timely users. I joined up because i have a passion for mercs since i was about 11, i done my apprenticeship with mercs and 14 years later i had enough. People need some where else to go other than merc. I am based in chelsea and work mobile...
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