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    Import from Channel Islands

    Don't overlook the fact that any car from the Channel Islands will have had mostly short trips and may never have got up to speed/temperature associated with a healthy car.
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    The Trough of Bowland.

    A lovely area. Long may it continue to be ignored by the millions rushing past it to the Lake District. This place is a real teat:
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    WARNING! Front springs snapping on 211's

    "RJ - Like many technical issues, HJ's scattergun answer isn't particularly helpful." NC I don't have the technical expertise to make that judgement. However, given how receptive and responsive HJ is to personal e-mails, he might welcome one from the likes of you and, if your arguments...
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    WARNING! Front springs snapping on 211's

    Frequently Asked Questions | Honest John
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    How to handle prank calls!!

    Seriously, if you have BT Call Minder or equivalent, set your phone to zero rings, so that all calls go straight to the answering system. Check frequently for messages. Not a single phone spammer has deigned to leave a message for me in several years. If a caller can't be bothered to leave a...
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    600 Grosser - lovely

    "The hydraulics on a 600 are notoriously difficult to work on and as a result very, very expensive to fix." Indeed. this is why it's worth mentioning again: SS Motors 16c Hamm Moor La Weybridge Business Park Addlestone Surrey KT15 2SD 01932 821555 whose boss (in overalls, not a suit) is the...
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    r129 soft top repair

    Try: Car Trimmers & Upholsterers in England Barton & Sons in Luton may be able to help. I've used them several times on interior jobs. £300 is perfectly reasonable for a day's work. No good coach trimmer or soft-top specialist is going to compromise on a job like this.
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    auto box specialist,s south east kent?

    Honest John's favourite has always been King Automatics: Frequently Asked Questions | Honest John They may be too far from you, but they're about the same distance from me and with something as serious as an autobox, I'd try to get the car there somehow.
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    W124 Coupé driver's seat question.

    Can't answer your questions, but leccy seats without memory are worse than useless. My Coupé has one and I'd rather have a manual for quick adjustment, as I have on other models. And, from experience to date, I'd say that the leccy-with-memory seats in my R129 seem have a mind of their own at...
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    1992 300 sl-24 m104

    For the M104, MB's own Technical data passenger cars (October 1993) gives 55Nm (not 70Nm) as the initial torque, with 90° rotation at Stage 2 and Stage 3. The tightening sequence is as in the first diagram above.
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    best engine oil for a 450SL

    I'd stick to 10W40. The lower the first number, the quicker the oil gets around a cold engine, which is the phase when most damage can be done (most = 70%+). If the car hasn't been cared for, I'd run it on the fresh oil for 1000 miles, without putting it under serious stress, then change the oil...
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    Which /what trolley jack should I buy

    One of the advantages of the Arcan is a very low minimum height: 89mm.
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    Isa isa!

    There are plenty of solid companies offering dividends well in excess of cash ISA interest rates.
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    Leaving a Motorway

    The Highway Code needs to deal with this properly. I'll see if they are interested. It seems to me that, once committed to a lane that is dedicated to an exit, you are on a different route and not simply a different lane. Would anyone consider passing slow lane 1 traffic on a slip road to be...
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    Measuring MPG

    Well said. Any figure I quote is based on either rolling six fill-ups or life of vehicle in my ownership. I once got 37 mpg out of my Golf VR6 on a single trip; its rolling average was just below 30.
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    Help an OAP out!!

    In spite of being a wordsmith by occupation, I'm not too bothered about spelling and grammar in forums. There is an easy solution with spelling: compose your message in a word processor, use the spell-check, then copy the message into the forum. I do have difficulty with text-speak...
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    Audi outsells Mercedes-Benz globally for the 1st time

    I read somewhere that the discerning German middle class has for some time regarded Audi as the premier marque for all-round quality. The shortcomings of my old Audi 100 notwithstanding, it was hard to fault build quality and especially paintwork, the latter being dictinctly better than the MBs...
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    MB dealers changed oil suppliers ?!

    I've been using Mobil 1 since 1997: Golf VR6 for nine years and five MBs (ten years 63k, five years 148k, four years 182k, one year 75k). No problems whatsoever. This may be of interest: Myths About Synthetic Motor Oils
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    Please educate me on W140's

    Remember Helmut Kohl? I always thought the W140 was designed with his exceptionally ample dimensions in mind.
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    How Badly Was Quality And Durability Affected When Chrysler Took Over?

    "This is absolutely bang on, you look at all cars that were painted with the early water based paints and they were all rust buckets within a few years, Vauxhalls being noticeably worse." As I've reported elsewhere, the boss of the bodyshop I use remains unconvinced that the problems are...
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