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    New Twin Turbo Kit

    I'm sure another one will surface from somewhere. Still can't believe how little they sell for given the apparent demand and rarity?
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    New Twin Turbo Kit

    Collecting it tomorrow! Not actually seen it yet so can't say if its complete but worth the risk I thought. Any suggestions on what to put it in, i'm thinking 190 2.6 manual with a 300 engine, r129 brakes and sportline suspension. Might just leave it in the box and polish it from time to time...
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    £1995,, 1995 mercedes c36 amg auto black

    Seems to have lost the special 3.6 air box for some reason, maybe the engines been replaced with a 2.8 or 3.2? Perhaps better to run away rather than walk!!
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    Torx sizes on C43 AMG

    I have one of these sets and have used it to completely strip a c43, covers just about everything on most other cars as well except some of the larger caliper and hub bolts. Laser Tools | 3081 | Star Socket & Bit Set 23pc Think I paid about £15.00, good quality for the money.
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    M104 Duty Cycle thoughts ...

    Engine off value is a fixed value of approx 70%, this denotes that there is no speed sensor input. 50% with engine off would either be a fault in the self diagnostic system or a wiring problem. To test turn ignition on but do not start the engine. Press the accelerator pedal to maximum which...
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    BMW Magazine.

    Going back to the original post I assume this is an example of the "rear entertainment package" on the options list. Having got the mag through the post I did think that BMW are perhaps losing the plot?
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    buffet breakfast

    Watch out for the raw ox sausage! Love the stuff but if you're not used to it the results can be quite explosive.
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    Help required from a 560 SEL owner please.

    Part numbers are: 126 584 66 21 before 9/87 with cat 126 584 56 26 post 9/87 with cat 126 584 87 21 code 822 300bhp version 126 584 57 26 low comp. engine Not sure which one you should go for as I seem to recall the build sheet on your engine suggested it may have been a low comp. engine?
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    "Totally Stunning"

    E50's are half the price of E55's in Germany and are relatively common! Based on an E420 M119 motor increased to 5 litres and 350bhp which seems a bit silly as the standard Mercedes 5 litre knocks out nearly 330bhp. Last one on ebay went for about 7k which is twice the price in Germany and more...
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    How can I trace the production date of this engine?

    Just decoded the build sheet: 120 - Test vehicle?? 440 - cruise control 473 - low compression with catalyst 480 - self levelling suspension 580 - air conditioning Sounds like a pretty strange combination but makes for an interesting engine, particularly the test vehicle reference!
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    How can I trace the production date of this engine?

    Always believed that the 822 code applied to the pre 88 engines that had a 9 to 1 compression and no knock sensors as standard. Code 822 motors had a 10 to 1 compression and different cams I believe, standard fitment for UK spec. cars as cats were'nt necessary back then. Was it not the case...
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    How can I trace the production date of this engine?

    From what I can establish the engine looks like it was produced during the production life of the 126 models. The engines went onto knock sensors and higher power levels mid way through 88 at number 38000 or so. As the engine was brought in in late 85 I would guess at the number being aroud...
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    Lease Deals

    "If it appreciates buy it, if it depreciates lease it." A little pearl of wisdom from a certain Mr Rockefeller who happened to become the worlds first billionaire in about 1917! Would imagine that he probably knew what he was talking about?
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    Having just ended at 4.5k can we assume that the financial crisis is over? Perhaps the days of folks paying 100k for a rusty old e type jag are about to return. Having paid 3.1k for a cat d c43 with a w211 55 kompressor engine shoehorned into it I think someone has a sense of humour? 22...
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    Mercedes C43 Amg V Reg Breaking For Spares

    Cars sat under a dust sheet at the moment. Busy time at work and all that. Keeping the k engine would have been nice but it would have involved using just about every module from a 55k car and getting them to communicate with the bits on the 43. As everything is done via CAN on the later cars...
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    Mercedes C43 Amg V Reg Breaking For Spares

    Probably trying to get the money back that he lost when he sold me the C43 with the nearly new E55k engine for 3K! His exact words were "its got some kind of weird air box on it, might be off an S55?" Seemed like the sort of guy thats open to a bit of bargaining, go in low and offer good old...
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    The auction started at £2700 which is about what they start at in Germany. Looks like someone will end up paying over the odds. Very expensive modified AMG M119 engine which only produces 20 more horsepower than the standard Mercedes M119 5 litre motor of the day. E55's in Germany appear to...
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    Engine and fuel flushing..

    Perhaps they haven't read the passage in the Mercedes Workshop Manuals that specifically advise against the use of any type of fuel or oil additives? Perhaps wise to find another dealer who isn't trying it on.
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    Clk55 Amg £5995

    Just down the road from me, might have a look. Amazing how many car dealers don't bother clearing crap out of the cars they sell or can't afford £50 for an adequate digital camera!
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    Decision help please: 190e Cosworth or C36

    My experiences so far with a 160,000 mile 1996 c36 bought a year ago with fsh for £4K. Rear arches and back door bottoms rust with a vengeance, many dealers will give them a quick rub down and a coat of paint. Looks good at the time but after a few months it will all come back. Better to buy...
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