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  1. MarkF

    ML270 AMG Woes - My first MB! - Maybe my last!!

    Welcome to ML ownership. I have had mine for over 6 years now with 127K on. The only major job I have had done on mine was the inlet manifold replacement which is common on these. Apart from that a MAF sensor, front bal,l joints brake pipes, regular servicing and plenty of TLC. The car has...
  2. MarkF

    Lunatic driver sought - Mercedes Benz C63 - Lytham, Lancashire

    Hi Mike, Just sent you a email, nothing to do with the C63 idiot but think you will like the content as its regarding your web site. Mark
  3. MarkF

    Headgasket cost

    Hi, Black55. Is there anything I could look for around the manifold job that would cause this. There is no water in the oil.
  4. MarkF

    Headgasket cost

    Anybody how much a headgasket job on the ML would be at a indi. I have sludge in the expansion tank, but not in oil and the car drives fine. Recently had the inlet mainfold replaced at the indi so not looking for another big bill just yet. Could it be anything other than headgasket. as it...
  5. MarkF

    ML advice please

    I have had mine for over 4 years and had no major problems with her other than wear and tear items. Had a small problem with the electronic pack on the gearbox but my indi sorted that for me without big bills. He did say that the box on the ML is very good. I am looking at replacing mine with...
  6. MarkF

    Not a good end to a Friday night out - split rubber!!

    Can you give me some information on this Mayday service. I will be getting a caravan next year, decided to get the new car first ML. I do tow a horse trailer and as such would be interested to learn more. Mark
  7. MarkF

    Which should I keep: S124 300TD or Toyota Prius?

    Why are you asking this question, keep the Merc its a much better car that the ever ready one. I know someone who had one and it now needs new batts, quote was over £5k, can now gone for scrap. My new company car Skoda Octavia Estate with the new Audi 1.6tdi engine does 70+ around town and on...
  8. MarkF

    Why are main dealers such a let down?

    It makes me sad to read this, I remember the first MB car my dad bought 20+ years ago, a 190. The service we got from Drayton at Stoke was like being part of a family, nothing was to much for them. They have been that way for a great many years but 2 years ago was the last time dad stepped in...
  9. MarkF

    ML 270 CDi Black smoke on acceleration

    What did you do to clean the EFR? where is this located as I have started to get a little smoke not much but I would like to check. Many thanks
  10. MarkF

    Audio Upgrade Question

    Looks very interesting, can you fit a reversing camera to this Pioneer AVIC uint?
  11. MarkF

    Audio Upgrade Question

    Can anybody help with a sugestion on a suitable unit for my ML W163 that would allow MP3 files to play and poss connect a Sony walkman to. The standard Audio 10 unit in the car fitts the looks but is very dated in what it will do. I had a quick look at Halfords and all the new units are designed...
  12. MarkF

    Any Ideas?

    Never thought of that, I will have a look. I think I will pop over to the indi on Tuesday with it. Thanks Mark
  13. MarkF

    Any Ideas?

    I have noticed this twice now. when towing with the horse trailer up steep hills, the car working hard when I have got home I have noticed what I think is small specs of oil down the drivers side of the car and around the front wheel arch. Its not done this when I've towed before but I've not...
  14. MarkF

    Parts help

    Can anybody help with the part numbers for the full set of anti roll bushes for the front of my ML 270CDi please
  15. MarkF

    Matching members to faces.....

    Flickr: Photos & Video from MarkF6233 Ok this is me with my other big boys toys.
  16. MarkF

    Tyre ware question

    I notice over the weekend that the inside edge of the front off side tyre is very worn. The other side is ok. The tracking is pulling to the left but not that bad certainly not that noticeable and at most suspect the camber of the road. Also I have a squeak on the right side front, are they in...
  17. MarkF

    Audio Unit Help Required

    Thanks guys, The files I have tried are wave, but not tried MP3, will hav a go later and see what happens. Mark
  18. MarkF

    Audio Unit Help Required

    My ML has the Gen audio 10 unit fitted, whilst its ok for day to day use my wife has a lot of audio files downloaded from Amazon etc. The problem is the Audio 10 unit will not play CD R's only gen cds, even if I save it as a wave file it still will not play. So its time for an upgrade. But what...
  19. MarkF

    Could you recommend me an ML270?

    YES YES and YES. I've had mine for 3 years now and love it. I do a lot of miles with my job (1000+/week) in the company Octavia but driving the ML is like sitting in a very nice arm chair. I bought mine to replace a 12 month old Freelander (crap). and have never looked back. She has never let...
  20. MarkF

    One for the indies

    Can any of the indies on here give me an indication of price to change the engine and gearbox mounts on my ML270 CDI. I am starting to get vibration in the cabin now and its a possibility thats its time to get the mounts changed. I have not got the time at the moment to DIY so any idea on price...
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