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    Mercedes C63 AMG W204 - Facelift

    If I recall correctly on my 2012 C63 estate, command HDD and ILS came as standard, I got the car with no optional extras and found it not to be lacking anything important.
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    Mercedes Me

    Good question - I haven't found an use for it. It also reports open windows by the way, but otherwise not really sure of its purpose.
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    Remote parking pilot with Google Pixel

    Hello all. Has anyone managed to about a Google Pixel with the remote parking pilot? No matter what I try, they refuse to pair citing "incorrect pin" as the reason.
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    New E220 Options

    I've just had a call from drive the deal, they've quoted me a very nice price so I've placed an order! E220 AMG Line Premium + Driver Assistance Plus + 360 Camera + Comand HDD. £540 on a PCP I thought the price was pretty awesome, so I threw caution to the wind and said yes. I can...
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    W213 SE Estate Delivery

    Good luck! It sounds like your car is on it's way at last.
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    New E220 Options

    I'm a bit all or nothing when it comes to power I think. Having traded down from a C63 to E350, I drive the E350 a lot more sedately, it's not the kind of car that makes me feel I'm in any great rush to get anywhere. So I'm not really looking for a powerful car - if I wanted that I could always...
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    New E220 Options

    Hello everyone, it's been a while! My E350 (9G AMG Line Prem Plus) has reached the end of it's lease so it's time to hunt for a new car. I'm leaning towards a E220 AMG Line Premium with Driver Assistance Plus and 360 camera as options I really like the idea of using the autonomous...
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    C63 Deals

    Absolute nonsense, why share stupid, incorrect information like that. It will be £41,238.44 and on the 11th of September. 8th?! What were you thinking?
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    Unexplained loss of power. 2015 E350

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. It's a bit worrying in a way if they won't be able to diagnose it. Both times it happened to me could have caused an accident as I was overtaking during one incident and pulling out from a sliproad to fast moving traffic the second time it happened.
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    Unexplained loss of power. 2015 E350

    Hello all, I've had this rather weird thing happen to my car twice now. I've covered around 2K miles and everything seems fine with the car except for two incidents when there was a sudden loss of power. It feels like the throttle is being severely restricted, leading to very slow acceleration...
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    Re insuring car - points v driving course

    I have absolutely no doubt that attending a SAC made me a better and safer driver. Of course, I can't speak for everyone and I'm sure some people sit through them with the wrong attitude but I would think that the vast majority learn something and adjust their driving accordingly. I guess it's...
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    Pretty fed up with scammers while trying to sell an honest car

    Haha that would be hillarious, I can just imagine driving slowly up to him and getting out of the car wearing a balaclava and carrying a baseball bat. What an absolute scumbag.
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    white creamy stuff

    Hello, This morning my daughter noticed some white fluid pouring from the passenger wheel arch on my 2015 W212, E350. It felt and smelt a bit waxy/oily so I assume it's just excess protective wax that is pouring out from the sill. Does anyone think I should get someone to look at it or is it...
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    wwwwww what?

    Thank you all!
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    wwwwww what?

    Sorry to be dumb but I really struggle with these W numbers. So I don't miss a post regarding my car, could someone be kind enough to tell me what mine is? I have a 2015 E350 AMG Line Premium Plus Saloon with the 9G auto box. Cheers!
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    E350 servicing, PAYG or Plan?

    I also use Chester for servicing, they do have a bit of a captive audience there. Mind you, I'm surprised they manage to sell a single car given their reluctance to do any deals, they have consistently been thousands of pounds off the mark - even compared to other dealers in the same franchise...
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    E350 servicing, PAYG or Plan?

    PAYG or Service Plan? I've been quoted £30 pcm for a service plan for my 2015 E350. Over 24 months this would be £720 so I'm wondering if it's worth it considering I just need 2 services. When I purchased my C63 I was quoted £45 (£1080) I thought that was too high so didn't take the offer up...
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    E350 2015 Horrible "safety" feature

    I can confirm thst it will let me reverse with the door open as long as I select reverse after opening the door, I then get the message warning me not to fall out, but it does let me do it. Problem solved I guess, as long as I remember to open the door first.
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    E350 2015 Horrible "safety" feature

    I'll try the seatbelt suggestion later, thanks. I could probably wean myself from doing it and just use the reversing camera or stick my head out of the window. But annoying nonetheless. Still love the car though, it's going to save me a fortune in fuel avg. mpg 36 compared to 17.5 in the AMG...
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    E350 2015 Horrible "safety" feature

    Hello everyone, I've just taken delivery of an E350, overall I'm delighted with it, it's a totally different experience to the C63! But anywhow, I've encountered a very annoying feature on the E350 that is driving me nuts - when I park in awkward spaces I like to open the driver's door just to...
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