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  1. andy27168

    Mercedes-Benz Guildford (Sandown Group) - Good Service

    Hi, Bought my 65 plate A207 350 CDI from Sandown Poole a year ago, impressed with the service, so after a recent (well before lockdown) disappointing experience after a service inquiry from MB Southampton (my nearest local MB Dealer) I decided I would use Sandown Poole for the service (service...
  2. andy27168

    Heater not blowing hot w219

    Hi, Having re-read your first post again, does this behavior happen on all 4 heater zones?, if it does then I agree with you're diagnosis of a faulty heater valve, but if it is isolated to a specific zone or left or right temp control then IMO it will be heater display control unit. Second hand...
  3. andy27168

    Heater not blowing hot w219

    Hi, The fact it goes immediately cold when you take it 32 I would say it is the heater display control unit, thats where I would start before replacing the heater valve.
  4. andy27168

    Wiring loom

    Depending on you're cars spec you will have to install an additional block of fuses in the boot fuse box, the main power for the seat heaters are fed from there, the loom also takes a feed from the front fuse box for the heated seat switches.
  5. andy27168

    Wiring loom

    Hi, If your car is a facelift 202 then the loom Pt. No. is A 202 440 11 08 it was still shown on the 2016 price list retailing at 57.14 Euros.
  6. andy27168

    Wiring loom

    Hi, I retro fitted heated seats to my 202 230k. and I ended up taking the heated seat loom out of a scrap car, it also assisted in how the loom was connected and its cable route. I did enquire at the main dealer for a loom and I seem to remember it was on back order but this was 10+ years ago...
  7. andy27168

    Gt grille fitted

    Hi, I bought the Panamericana grill (same as the OP's), and fitted it to my 65 plate 207 cabriolet, liked it at first, but have gone off of it, and as my car is going to MB Salisbury next week for a service I thought I would put it back to standard. I have now started to prefer the standard...
  8. andy27168

    E430 oil leak, oil cooler or oil filter housing

    Hi, The seals between the actual oil cooler and the oil filter housing is a very common issue, they go hard, also the seal under the large nut in the housing, can be an issue but less so Parts are cheap and took me less than an hour on my 55k to do all the seals...
  9. andy27168

    Central locking not working, but the car drives

    Hi, Have you tried the key fob to unlock/lock the car in very close proximity to the door handle/lock? as the CLS utilities both RF and IR to unlock the vehicle (RF for distance, IR for close proximity). Normally a failure of the distance unlocking/locking is an indication that the RF amplifier...
  10. andy27168

    2005 CLS320 with comand system. Radio reception problem.

    Hi I believe the Aerial amplifier is behind one of the C pillar trims, N/S i think, though its failure is normally indicated by a failure of the remote locking from distance. The screen elements in the CLS are quite prone to failing, I also believe there is a capacitor somewhere in the circuit...
  11. andy27168

    Rusting dipstick

    Moisture in the dipstick is possibly just condensation.
  12. andy27168

    Retrofitted front seat storage boxes to my 2011 S212

    Hi, For additional info adding of the under seat storage boxes is also possible on the A207 as I have done exactly the same thing to my "65" plate E350cdi, from the instructions given above, the process of fitting them seems to be identical. Except I unbolted and disconnected the seats but just...
  13. andy27168

    1998 w208 sam unit swap

    Hi, My understanding of the SAM in the early 208, is that everything will work but there MAYBE certain options that wont communicate to the diagnostic socket, but will work, these type of options were the rare ones so the chances are you will have no issues, just make sure the replacement SAM is...
  14. andy27168

    W210 wheel well retainer stud replacement

    Hi, I believe they are MB Pt.No. A 0009901210 They are simi;ar to a riv nut.
  15. andy27168

    Soft top cleaning/protection

    Hi, I have used Renovo products and the genuine Audi products for both my Audi and Mercedes Convertibles and can recommend both. The Audi products were a lot cheaper than I thought they would be. I have also used the Autoglym products and wasn't that impressed.
  16. andy27168

    C200 interior trim removal

    Sorry cant help with the 203, now if it had been a 202........ Now the exact model is clarified I feel sure someone will pipe up. Have you tried Utube? as there are loads of video tutorials on taking cars apart I always look there first, you might not be able to find something specific, you may...
  17. andy27168

    Wheel arch liner stud repair

    Hi, Interested in this thread as I had a couple shear on my old AMG C class. I google imaged the MB Pt. No. and like Moodi says looks very much like a riv nut. If you scroll down the google image page there seems to be other similar solutions for Audi's, which simply look like a special pop...
  18. andy27168

    C200 interior trim removal

    Hi, What model C class is it? W202 W203 Etc????
  19. andy27168

    '06 CLS 500 oil grade / dipstick location

    Hi, The tube at the back of you're engine with the red cap IS NOT engine oil but a dipstick tube for the gearbox oil. M113 engine in a 219 CLS has no dipstick tube the only way to check the engine oil level is in the cluster. The engine has a saddle sump and two sump plugs.
  20. andy27168

    Number One Song On The Day You Were Born

    Love Affair - Everlasting Love
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