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    two things I need help on

    Hi, Go on an internet search, there are lots of options for this type of repair. Good luck.
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    Tell us about your first fast car experiences

    I built an 850cc short stroke mini, straight cut gearbox, no seats or other interior, very unsociable, but vvvvvvery quick, don’t know how quick because of lack of instruments. Never been in anything quite as frightening since.
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    Engine Cover Fix

    Just been out to check mine, the rear grommet bracket is obviously missing, I think I’d be fabricating a home made bracket, especially if you’ve bought new locating grommets. The front locking mechanism is simply a spring clip with about a 3mm gap which goes through the square bracket, the...
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    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    Thank you v6, that’s a good lead.
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    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    Painting the garage floor, it’s been hammered over the 25 years it’s been up, this is the third time, strangely it’s getting harder each time. Non of the previous very expensive paint has stood up to the misuse it’s had so I need some heavy duty moveable mats (any advice appreciated). It’s...
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    Your day in three words.

    Lightweight alloy wheels!
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Flatted the front bumper down and resprayed ready for lacquer tomorrow, this will be at the same time as lacquering the alloys.
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    Alloy Wheel Home Refurbishment ie Respray

    I am just coming to the end of refurbishing the seven spoke wheels on mine, six days so far doing everything (almost) to the wonder there were so many warranty claims on these wheels for rot, wish I had done the same when I bought the car. Just lacquering tomorrow over metallic...
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    Your lockdown mileage?

    Been in isolation for six weeks, so total for two cars = 50 yards.....just to turn the tyres.
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    Euro Car Parts. Excellent service and a policy change that may be useful.

    DSM, You are absolutely right,,,,nothing to lose.
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    Euro Car Parts. Excellent service and a policy change that may be useful.

    I needed brush cleaner urgently yesterday, I tried everywhere, and as it’s obviously not urgent under the current rules, (I’m in lockdown with my oh who has health issues) I had to get it delivered. In desperation I tried ecp, they had a good quality cleaner at half the price of ebay...
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    Your biggest automotive regret?

    I sold a garage workshop for nothing, in the corner was a 1962 racing mini with full race Downton cooper engine and all the right bits to either put on the road or track. I simply left it there and life got complicated with new job, new mortgage, new kids. A few years later I went back to see...
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    Xmas memories

    Best toy has got to be the mamod static steam engine (still in the loft), powered by a meths burner. I still get emotional when I smell that spirit first thing in the morning? Agree with others .....happiest moments are sharing Christmas with our children and grandchildren. Best wishes to all.
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    Awful tyres

    Just about to change my 255 Hankooks on rear after 27k, faultless in every way. Got them from Halfords at £120 each but that was four years ago.
  15. J

    C250 cdi c204 Battery/aux/power issue

    First thing to do is get the new battery tested, if ok then logically there’s something discharging it, a good auto electrician will sort it for you.
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    Word association game

  17. J

    Happy Yorkshire Day!

    You can always tell someone from yorkshire, but not much!
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    “Gtech Air-Ram”

    I am an expert on domestic vacuum cleaners, we have six !! We also take in cleaners which have been orphaned, one of which is the g tech air ram, probably six years old, it’s quite simply brilliant with limitations, as already said, it doesn’t do stairs, but everything else is no problem. We...
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    Best budget tyre

    There’s a lot of rubbish talked about tyres, wether you’re in a Merc or a skoda. I had two rears on 255 / 18 three years ago, I chose hankook after research, absolutely brilliant road holding, plus they have done 26k with 4 mill left. I have also used landsail, also good a experience. A lot...
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    Word association game

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