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  1. Steve_B

    Retrofit towbar to W164 ML63 AMG

    Bobby Dazzler, thanks for posting this :thumb: As per your opening thread, I found this via a Google search and it's rather timely given that I need to get it done ASAP. Can I assume that it's simply a case of getting Westfalia to send out all the parts directly and miss out MB completely...
  2. Steve_B

    Shipping cars..... far
  3. Steve_B

    BBC looking for rust...

    To be fair, MB do seem to be picking up the tabs regarding the issue on ML's. I put a warning out some time back and haven't yet seen a post about MB refusing to replace..... 2007 ML63 Owners-check your doors - Forums
  4. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    Even with import tax (applicable to one of them) it's still worth the effort financially although I don't have any plans to sell. Quite a few are importing high end cars into Oz and NZ due to the weak pound. Yes, it's the DBS Volante - YouTube
  5. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    Here you go.... And the ML is now here Location of E R MALMO :cool:
  6. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    John, YHM ;)
  7. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    Indeed I have John......Buying a 'one-way' ticket just makes me feel warm all over.... oh, and I won't be needing the winter tyres for at least....err, possibly forever :D
  8. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    And there was me just worrying about the odd knock and scratch :doh:
  9. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    They get shipped in a 40ft Container on the 18th of November Think I'll over inflate the tyres to add buoyancy
  10. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    Unless it's far too painful to publish :) New Zealand. I leave four weeks tomorrow. The ML should arrive two days before me, on the 21st of November.
  11. Steve_B

    Shipping cars.....

    ....especially to the other side of the, shall we say, a little stressful Went in, in perfect condition. Fingers crossed it comes out that way! Presently in the Gulf of Aden, doing 20mph :) One down, three to go.
  12. Steve_B

    Forget expensive detailing, quickest way to clean a CLS - This is how you wash the interior of Mercedes CLS
  13. Steve_B


    It's not just 'older cars' in the time-frame suggested here. You can imagine my dismay at seeing this on all four doors on my MY07 ML63 However, all fixed, by way of complete replacement at a cost of £6k + VAT, under warranty and all, once again, is well in the world :)
  14. Steve_B

    diamond cut ML63 AMG alloys

    I point faffing around spiderguy, even getting them replaced will result in a repeat performance a couple of years down the road. I'm sure that you'll remember my experience and what became of my original 20"...
  15. Steve_B

    Motorcycle Lock

    You need the motorcycle equivalent of this YouTube - Conceptual Gadgets - Conrad Pole-Climbing Bike Lock
  16. Steve_B

    Aston Martin DBS Volante

  17. Steve_B

    sending wheels

    got it, thanks :thumb:
  18. Steve_B

    sending wheels

    I've tried selling four wheels together without luck so I'm now going down the route of selling individually. Any idea on what each wheel (19") with tyre will cost via wheelcourier? I'm assuming that they'll collect?
  19. Steve_B

    21" AMG's with Summer Rubber

    Just to finish off this tale...... Got the wheels back just over a week longer than anticipated due to a 'corrosion' problem around the valve area with one of them. Overall I'm 100% happy with the chosen colour of 'Black Chrome' and 90% happy with the finish. I expected the colour to be a...
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