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    Any Experience of the Grand Voyager 5th Gen CDI?
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    Any Experience of the Grand Voyager 5th Gen CDI?

    The Guy That writes Dealers Diary for Car mechanics rates them but I had the feeling it was RWD Petrol therefore the previous version ? & thirsty , American RWD autos are fairly reliable is the autobox chrysler or Fiat ?
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    W124 Rear window regulator / slider

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    S124 E320 M104 Belt / Pulley Noise and woes

    decided to tackle this as the squealing like a loose fan belt is telling me this needs sorting now I have a W124 E320 with the M104 in it with the Pre 95 Bolt / Rod Tensioner mechanism I sprayed some water near the Aux idler pulley and the noise stopped So off we go I replaced the Aux idler...
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    w124 potentiometer error

    Wiring to the MAF on mine was degradedvirtually no insulation i was amazed the car still ran I renewed the wires over the hot part of the engine and all good now check the individual wires in the harness to the MAF
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    ABS diagnosis error on my mercedes E220 petrol w124 chasis.

    What is the problem with the ABS ? I would check the sensor wiring first IIRC i think you check resistance I had ABS problem on my W124 320TE it was chirping at low speed and then the light was permanently on Checked the sensors RHS was faulty replaced and all good now Not much info...
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    W124 E320 Idler pulley part number ?

    WDB124 0922f279170 Cheers
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    W124 E320 Idler pulley part number ?

    Trying to find the part number for the Idler pulley on my M104 engined 1994 320TE Eurocarparts cant give me a part no / quote as the reg comes up as a 5 litre 124 .... I wish ... ( its a jap import and obviously is the wrong model on the database ) GSF have failed as well if I know the part...
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    E500 Estate

    Very Unusual Silver with a light interior nice car , a sleeper
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    Maserati Quattroporte

    Beautiful cars , rare to see one, class, style , statement in a subtle way for the cognoscenti , CL IMO would be the equivalent Merc . I lusted after one for the last 2 years but commons sense is prevailing in terms of the stretch to buy one and then Run it ( a big bill to me is £600 )...
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    Best way to mark number plate for drilling holes without a template plate

    Thanks ,several ways , i like the paper cardboard template option and yes forgot about the frame option which is probably the quickest as long as you have a frame ! which I have but its an MB Logo one .... not a good look on a Quashqai :eek:
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    Best way to mark number plate for drilling holes without a template plate

    Number plate fell off my daughters Quashqai+2 and I volunteered to reattach it. Obviously bodged to start with as it had about 12 or more stickies half stuck to both the plate and the car , ( but there were also 2 holes... in the car ) ...... but the plate did not have any holes . As time...
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    Vito sport x buying advice

    Keep us posted on progress and mileage / price and whats being done always interesting to compare notes not many of us vito owners on this forum piccie would be nice as well. The V 6's usually look the business , 18'" alloys etc sidebars / tinted windows etc it aint just " A VAN" I've...
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    Used Car headache.

    I'll second that My mercs are MOT'd and repaired at Mercland and I often Browse Jays cars at the rear ,he has a good eye for well specced desirable reliable cars and as said "he know his stuff " i can always find several where i'm thinking I would like that one . I personally will travel to...
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    Starbucks random pic!!

    I can see that your like a lot of us on here and generally us "petrolheads "your car is a very important part of your life / who you are / and your satisfaction with where you are in life, and crucially have you got to the place where you like what you own or drive ,that being anything from a...
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    So, does anyone else.......?

    I do notice that the official merc club magazine often has letters from people who have had cars and said its done 40,000 without any issues or 60,000 i dont find it surprising and frankly boring i find myself thinking i'd expect that of "virtually "any new car and i expect it of all my high...
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    S211 E500 Estate 2003 3 owner 155k £3250 7 Seater

    I like that, powerful, sublime ,classy, comfortable and pretty bulletproof ( excepting the valeo issue )
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    Command and Disc Autochanger removal

    ok will do ,thanks
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    Command and Disc Autochanger removal

    Thanks for that you dont happen to know the colour coding for the Front Left and right speaker outputs in particular which is positive and negative I want to take the speaker output to a kenwood powered sub (KSC-SW11 ) I think I've identified the Block of 8 wires just which is which in...
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    Command and Disc Autochanger removal

    I decided to remove my 6 disc autochanger from my 07 Vito 639 as I want to put a powered sub in its place . After removing and unplugging the CD changer my command / radio etc would power up show the MB logo and then go blank and power off . When I reconnect the CD changer it works again as...
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