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    R129 15 hole 16"x8J ET 34 alloy wheels x 4

    Hi Max, I have a set of Lorinser LO's in 8 x 16 et 34. They were an aftermarket version of the Merc OE wheel but I think they look much nicer. They have a deeper dish (not really deep like some of the low et LO's) and a slightly squarer finish to the roulette wheel type vanes...if that makes...
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    S124 I'm in love

    I have a set of those for sale...8 x 16 et 34 (?)
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    s211 5.5 Hens Teeth!

    Sold...? Perhaps the new owner didn't like it...Mercedes-Benz E Class E500 Elegance Estate S211 5.5 V8 | eBay
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    Benz On The Green 5th of May 2018

    68. maggot
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    WTD: C43 Kit the words of Lawrence Taylor in "Waterboy"...."Don't smoke crack" !! :doh:
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    WTD: C43 Kit

    1995 MERCEDES C280 SPORT AUTO SILVER C36 AMG FACTORY FULL KIT | eBay Too much maybe ?
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    For sale: Mercedes "Tolliman" alloy wheels

    Great price but I don't think they will fit a 190e. The lightweight forged Toliman wheels are 16 x 7 et 37 and have the part number A208 401 0002. They weigh about 6.3 kgs. The 7.5 et 46 version is from an a 211 E class I think. Still a great looking wheel at an excellent price though.
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    300ce amg.

    Three way UFC style Battle Royal for 'charridy' ! Winner gets a big badge made by my four year old nephew that says "I won an argument on the interweb' !!
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    W124 Convertible - nice but top money

    White + blue leather - AC,Electric heated seats + 20k = Dreaming !!
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    Red C36

    A thousand puts you between his neighbour ? uncle ? or his other account by the look of it !
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    Genuine looking 190E 2.6

    Neil...of all people !! It's obvious, second ad. mentions the magic word 'Sportline' at least twice so it must be a better car.
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    W124 Rubber mats

    w124 mats I have a full set which are as new and are to be sold. You can contact me via the Mercedes 190-uk site using the same id which will save messing about on here with permissions regarding pm's etc.
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    Rare Alloys On This W202 Estate

    They are Rial wheels...I have a set in 7.5 x 16 which I hope to use on a 190e project at some point. There was a chap on here selling the 18 inch version but it was some time ago.
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    w124 E280 7-seat Estate '94

    ...Now sold.
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    w124 E280 7-seat Estate '94

    The photobucket link for the w124 pics... maggot_aj's Library | Photobucket The car has almost no rust other than some discoloured very small paint chips. The worst marks are the rear bumper which has a corner/ side scuff and hound scratches upon entry to the upper part of the same :doh...
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    w124 E280 7-seat Estate '94

    My Dad has decided the time has come to part with his w124 estate. It's a smoke silver '94 E280 4-spd auto 7-seater with light tan/beige (?) leather interior. Mileage is currently 104k with a full service history. Car was purchased in 2006 at 82k, all main dealer history to that point and...
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    c36 m104 engine parts

    SOLD...To a good home :)
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    c36 m104 engine parts

    Having parted my failed w124 twin turbo project I'm now looking to sell the remaining engine components if possible. The c36 block developed some issues whilst the car was being run in and I did not have the patience to endure another interminable engine rebuild after the problem was...
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    W124 8 Holes

    Had some on mine and they were fine. Looked ugly so took them off but no other issues.
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