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  1. Seamster15

    My "Work in Progress" 2001 CLK320....

    Looks nice, maybe riding a little high?
  2. Seamster15

    A quick run out in the Surrey Hills

    New camera, new ride, No Merc.
  3. Seamster15

    W124 230 1989/90

    Hi all, A good friend of mine has been asked to sell the above car on behalf of an elderly relative. Unfortunately its a bereavement sale, with the last owner since the car was six months old. The car itself is a 73,000 (or there abouts) car, I can see that the osf wing has been replaced...
  4. Seamster15

    Roof bars for w202 or towbar for 08 c class sport

    I've some genuine w202 roof bars in the shed that I don't use.
  5. Seamster15

    Recommend a car cover?

    Storm force look good
  6. Seamster15

    Not Lived Up To Expectations?

    Bingo....! Same experience. At Least our then 2 yr/old daughter managed to block the toilet as a parting gift.... She was obviously please to leave!
  7. Seamster15

    Your day in three words.

    Foo Kin Hot
  8. Seamster15

    I've put the E63 up for sale now

    Every now and again it good to remind myself why I don't come in to the AMG part of the forum.
  9. Seamster15

    W213 E63 AMG (2016) Spy Shots

    Saw this car in Shoreditch yesterday. Non UK plates and all.
  10. Seamster15

    Highest mileage?

    Nice tread, beats mine from 2006..!
  11. Seamster15

    where is the best place to advertise a car these days?

    Constant scammers with Pistonheads and Gumtree. Really annoys me so I pay the price of the Autotrader now.
  12. Seamster15

    Volvo V70 T5

    I have been asked to sell my old V70 by my friends mother. Unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly 6 weeks ago leaving the surplus to requirements. 2001 V70 T5 with approx. 170k on the clock. Most S/H is main dealer Volvo. MOT should be until Nov. It has a tow bar, sunroof, black leather...
  13. Seamster15

    2003 C270 CDI Saloon

  14. Seamster15

    2003 C270 CDI Saloon

    Price drop £2350
  15. Seamster15

    2003 C270 CDI Saloon

    Now advertised at £2450
  16. Seamster15

    2003 C270 CDI Saloon

  17. Seamster15

    2003 C270 CDI Saloon

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