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  1. partsspecialist

    Slk r171 brabus styling

    Hi Guys, I've not been here for a long time. Recently moved jobs and I have one of these for sale. Complete BRABUS styling kit for the 171 slk comprising of: Front bumper Twin foglights Side skirts Rear bumper Boot spoiler BRABUS exhaust backbox (2 twin exaust) to fit slk 200 BRABUS...
  2. partsspecialist

    W210 Roof Bar Keys

    You can get a lockset for the bars (barrels and keys) B66850263 Only Sailsbury 08451258939 and Cardiff 08451255596 are showing them in stock.
  3. partsspecialist

    Brake light switch EPS BAS ???

    Hi, that part number is the number of the plug for the brake light switch. It sounds like you switch has gone. Its hard to tell without seeing the car but they are pretty regular. There is 2 different ones depending on your chassis no but they both come in under £15.00
  4. partsspecialist

    Air Shock for W211

    If your car is between jun 2003 and jun 2006 then Birmingham Central have one in stock (according to the national locator) Give them a call with your chassis no to make sure its right for your car. 0121 3226500
  5. partsspecialist

    Apple tv 160gb

    SOLD E-Bay £215.00 :P
  6. partsspecialist

    Bike Rack for A200 Turbo????

    Hi, yes it comes out very easily, its literally as easy as folding the rear seats because it locks into the same mechanism! Ill be honest i dont think there will be a lot of room in the back for bags with 2 bikes in though
  7. partsspecialist

    Bike Rack for A200 Turbo????

    Here are the pics of the one in our showroom to show how everything fits.
  8. partsspecialist

    Apple tv 160gb

    **BUMP** Now £200.00 or decent offer.
  9. partsspecialist

    Bike Rack for A200 Turbo????

    Then theres the internal one that will fix 2 bikes for £212.00 Really easy to fit, you just drop the rear seat flat and the rack clicks into the securing points that lock the seat in the upright position. you need to remove the front wheel of the bikes and the forks simply clamp to the rack...
  10. partsspecialist

    Bike Rack for A200 Turbo????

    Hi, the roof mounted bike racks are £91.00 each inc vat (retail) You need one for each bike. They are fixed onto the roof via the roofbars. £185.00 inc vat (retail)
  11. partsspecialist

    Apple tv 160gb

    For Sale Apple TV 160GB version. Factory-sealed and brand new. Rent/Buy HD Movies and tv shows straight to your living room. Sync with iTunes on pc/mac via wireless network, play your music over home cinema system. All this and more check out the link. I...
  12. partsspecialist

    Bodyshop Recommendation - North West

    Road and Race in walkden are a MB and Porsche approved bodyshop. And alu bodywork Very good and professional. We go there every day or so.
  13. partsspecialist

    CBT on Saturday - any tips?

    Dont fall off and you'll be ok. Remember its not a test its training.
  14. partsspecialist

    MB Sat Nav Promotion

    Unfortunately these are the worst discount code you can get from MB. If you want one (and because you've bought off me before) Mike i can do it for £599.97 inc vat. These are only for the brand new c-class (W204) though.
  15. partsspecialist

    MB Sat Nav Promotion

    Dont always trust internet prices Its only £617.00 to buy at retail! :doh:
  16. partsspecialist

    Grill pt. no. required

    Is it not the CLK grille that you need? Ive seen pics on here that some members have done that.
  17. partsspecialist

    Paint code help

    Hi, 753 is Tektite grey metallic. Disregard the M, we think it just means metallic.
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