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  1. gurpz

    Remove boot lining E240 w210 saloon?

    If its the the part that holds the top of the warning triangle there is a dip you have to pry with a screw driver towards you and then slide the entire assembly one way. Not much force required.
  2. gurpz

    W176 180 cdi Fuel filter change

    Removing the battery will make your life that much easier, you will struggle big time otherwise especially to undo and re crimp the Clic R hose clamps. Disconnecting the battery wont cause any issues and as you say is a simple re connect after.
  3. gurpz

    W124 and antifreeze

    Genuine MB 5 Litre coolant for that era of car is blue in colour and very reasnably priced from the dealer.
  4. gurpz

    2011 w218 CLS 500

    Nice rare beast, love the arty photos too ! Revised chain tensioners and pressure check valves need installing in these engines at the earliest even if there are no startup rattle symptoms. Some very early examples even had the old style chains which also are prone to fail.
  5. gurpz

    W123 280 CE Fuel Accumulator

    Please post up you chassis number and I will try to assist.
  6. gurpz

    W123 280 CE Fuel Accumulator

    Hi there, are you after the part number ?
  7. gurpz

    M157 5.5ltr Biturbo oil consumption.

    These engines can leak from the front cam covers down the front of the cylinder heads and into the 4 camshaft sensors wiring loom. Worth unplugging each sensor on the next inspection to see if oil has starting leaking through. Whilst both of these leaks would only account for a small loss in oil...
  8. gurpz

    Heater booster W211 E320Cdi Driving me mad

    A lot of information about this here:
  9. gurpz

    What size is the sump washer on w212 6.2 e63

    That would work although the OEM one is 12mm inside diameter, 16mm outside, and 1.5mm depth. OEM part number is N007603 012102, hope that helps.
  10. gurpz

    Servicing my W212. Engine oil/filter and air filters.

    Doing a simple oil change is as easy as it is on most mercs from the last few decades with the same 13mm drain bolt. As usual takes more time removing the the undertrays ! Your car will have a MB digital service book so something to ensure your Indy has access too if your getting someone else...
  11. gurpz

    Part number?

    I believe you are referring to the bottom hose which is listed as A 124 501 16 82, Any good ?
  12. gurpz

    Part number?

    Please provide a chassis number to ensure the correct part can be found for your car, also is this a top or bottom radiator hose ?
  13. gurpz

    W211 E500

    Exactly that would have made more sense but im not sure you can spec ventilated seats without heated seats.
  14. gurpz

    W211 E500

    Lovely, funny how heated seats where specced given that in either Japan or Singapore this would rarely if at all be used !
  15. gurpz

    Rear number plate fittings

    They are aluminium rivnuts available from MB. You can drill them out or cut them from behind if you have enough access.
  16. gurpz

    Battery W123 280TE M110

    Varta make most of the batteries for Mercedes and Tayna batteries sells them at reasonable prices.
  17. gurpz

    Tow hook cover for W202 AMG front bumper

    Hey Andrew, still have not managed to locate it but have not forgotten. Sorry bud.
  18. gurpz

    W202 C36 Pre-Facelift wanted

    See this thread for this particular C36 AMG'S sale history: Was originally up for sale at £16.5k and im sure this 'popular' current seller paid considerably less.
  19. gurpz

    W124 E320 Idler pulley part number ?

    If its the plastic ribbed idler pulley you are after the MB part bumber is A 601 200 10 70 made by INA. INA number direct is 532 0027 10. Hope that helps.
  20. gurpz

    W124 E320 Idler pulley part number ?

    Leave or message a chassis number that will allow us to look for you based on your VIN and not what the DVLA have it registered as. Also to get the corrections made on your V5C follow this link:
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