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  1. gina2201

    W163 ml500 / ml55

    No longer looking - decided against one after seeing two and both rust buckets! :D
  2. gina2201

    W163 ml500 / ml55

    Wanted a W163 ML500 or ML55 Must be facelift, with LPG would be preferred Good condition, history etc Just missed out on one so cash waiting for the right car Based in SW but will travel
  3. gina2201

    Back in the fold with a 190 :)

    Hello. We need photos...
  4. gina2201

    Pick this up on Saturday!

    Nice car, have always toyed with buying one of these as a fun car, but have just gone the other end of the scale. They seem very good value too!
  5. gina2201

    R63... £5 a mile loss

    Looks very startled...
  6. gina2201

    europarts discount

    I read his comment as on any make/model of car not purely Mercedes.
  7. gina2201

    L322 Range Rover Vogue

    Yew popular is the word although not quite so down in the west country!
  8. gina2201

    L322 Range Rover Vogue

    So, whilst sadly not returning to a Mercedes, (although I did look at ML's) I have recently bought one of these, at least it's a V8! So we now have two V8's with the C55 - plus our trusty diesel runabout! Here she is Click image to enlarge IMG_4541 by vealige, on Flickr Click image...
  9. gina2201

    Dealer experience

    Been out of the Mercedes world for some time now and alongside other goings on time passes you by!
  10. gina2201

    Dealer experience

    Hi all, Long time no see.... Unsure whether this is permitted to ask if anyone has had any dealings with Car Wise UK, Broxbourne. I have done the usual google and returned one concerning result but would appreciate any first hand experience if any. If not allowed to comment please PM. Many...
  11. gina2201

    Brooklands, Mercedes Benz World

    Hi all, I am about to purchase an AMG Experience at Brooklands (as a Christmas present)! I thought I would be cheeky and ask if anyone knows of a coupon code as I see there is an option of this at checkout! Reading some reviews it sounds like a great day out! Thanks
  12. gina2201

    My new Mercedes C200K :-)

    We need pics! I haven't seen it yet! Might be another MB to follow soon too...:cool:
  13. gina2201

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    BDS 1 on a L322 Range Rover (the car is up for sale but when enquired - funnily enough the plate is not for sale with the car!)
  14. gina2201

    Uninsured Drivers Cover

    Agreed - since turning 25 this year - their quotes have been by far the cheapest!
  15. gina2201

    Looks familiar

    Ian won't let me have a van - so an estate it is :D
  16. gina2201

    reversing light stays on if car is alarmed.

    Sunny down here at the moment though! I had to use the hairdryer fix on my phone this week as a drinks bottle leaked in my bag and the phoned was doing weird things when pressing buttons! Nice when it's an easy fix! :D
  17. gina2201

    How much is a..... Does this fit....... - Ask Your Questions In Here

    Brilliant - grateful you have joined and for the discount. I am in need of a wheel bearing for the BMW! :D
  18. gina2201

    W210 E320 CDi Estate

    With the recent spot of luck of the Agila I am in a position where I can up my budget for a new vehicle. I understand the w210 estate has a huge boot capacity and the 320 CDi engine is possibly the best one to get. I have read 'honest john's' review and understand the radiator issue. Apart from...
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