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  1. gbjeppm

    R170 Blower Motor - No Power

    Solved: well fuse 36 was missing, hence no power. so don’t assume all fuses are correct and in the right place 😁
  2. gbjeppm

    R170 Blower Motor - No Power

    I tested it on the bench by bridging 12v across two pins and ground on the other On the regulator and it worked fine. I don’t have 12v in the red incoming wire that I Think I should have, but I do have variable voltage in the white/pink Wire
  3. gbjeppm

    R170 Blower Motor - No Power

    HI All, Hoping somebody has seen this before as it is driving me somewhat crazy. A friend of mine has an R170 SLK320 from 2000, it has has a number of issues which i am steadily working through. The final issue is that the blower motor/fan for the interior heat/AC does not work at any...
  4. gbjeppm

    K40 Relay on an R170 SLK

    Hi All, Does anybody know if these K40 relays with different part numbers are interchangeable? I removed from the car A1705450305 Searching ebay for the K40 relay also brings up part number: A1705450205 and A2105400072 They all look identical, image is for reference. The one that i have...
  5. gbjeppm

    MB badge sensor wiring

  6. gbjeppm

    Hi from a new member wondering where to start with 450slc

    That looks definitely worth saving !! They all need welding at some point, might as well be now :)
  7. gbjeppm

    Strange Problem

    Just an idea, is the motor getting hot, does it have a thermal cut out switch?
  8. gbjeppm

    In need of a Mercedes wizard

    It should be under 50 milliamps. You may need to wait for up to 30 minutes for the car to fully shut down.
  9. gbjeppm

    In need of a Mercedes wizard

    Based on what you describe, I would be checking the earthing points thoroughly, those symptoms sound familiar.
  10. gbjeppm

    Advice on ML

    Mine has been exemplary to be honest, now done 56k on a 13 plate.
  11. gbjeppm

    Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.0 E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 7G-Tronic Pano + Nav

    My 2012 E Class Coupe 350 CDI now on ebay. A well looked after car. Mercedes E350 CDI Coupe | eBay
  12. gbjeppm

    Need to find garage that understand W124 Estates

    I would suggest SS Motors in Weybridge, they know the 124 and 126's very well as an alternative recommendation.
  13. gbjeppm

    lidl smart battery chargers.

    I bought a Lidl one a few years ago, it lasted around 18 months before dying on me, maybe I was unlucky. But at that price, they are almost disposable.
  14. gbjeppm

    A150 not starting

    Is it in gear? Are you putting you foot on the brake before starting it? I know it sounds obvious, but as its your father in laws car, perhaps you are not aware.
  15. gbjeppm

    W201 Parts Availability

    Yep, my son has one, never had an issue with parts either from MB, as well as loads of aftermarket pattern parts.
  16. gbjeppm

    TOWISW123 '89 420SEC

    My view is that i depends on how handy you are with the spanners. Its a 30 year old car, I had a 560 sec, and they are fabulous, but as a daily driver not so sure. That one looks very good, but they can hide a multitude of sin, need to find the rust, its there, unless its been full restored...
  17. gbjeppm

    Jump starting from R171 SLK

    I have done this from the positive under the red tab, not an issue. There is a nice earthing point about 6 inches in front of the positive connector, with from memory two earth wires going to it, you can use that as the negative.
  18. gbjeppm

    The Ruby red Panzer tank MKII (W210)

    well done, i am enjoying your updates. The W210 is a much underrated car.
  19. gbjeppm

    New R500 owner issues

    Deleted, may not have been accurate.
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