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  1. AMG-Al

    c43/clk55 original alloys

    I have a spare set of AMG alloys in need of refurb. Let me know if you want some photos. ALAN
  2. AMG-Al

    I am not a loner or a virgin

    I have a great life, loads of pals, plenty sex and some nice cars. I have been like this since I was born. This thread is provided by way of balance only :thumb:
  3. AMG-Al

    tyre dressing

    I hate it when that happens............
  4. AMG-Al

    James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86

    "aged 86"..... Jeez I must be getting old. As above I was also a big Rockford Files fan.
  5. AMG-Al

    Registration CLK 5S

    As title, my registration CLK5S will be coming off my car shortly. High offers gratefully received!!!
  6. AMG-Al

    Next 'toy' car ideas...

    WOW!! and someone suggested a 190E 2.6 was a curve ball :D
  7. AMG-Al

    Next 'toy' car ideas...

    Isn't spending someone else's money great fun? :o
  8. AMG-Al

    Next 'toy' car ideas...

    Volkswagen Corrado 2.9 VR6 **Long MOT/TAX**Very low mileage** | eBay ??? (Hmmmmm only four seats)
  9. AMG-Al

    New from Glasgow

    Sounds nice, welcome.
  10. AMG-Al

    Least impressive selling point!

    Starts first time...........
  11. AMG-Al

    any one buying Royal Mail shares?

    Tricky one; do you buy in now or wait til the posties realised Christmas is coming and have a big sale of their free ones??
  12. AMG-Al

    Lane Hogger Champion

    and Roy "Chubby" Brown is driving a truck now too.....
  13. AMG-Al

    As soon as it makes a profit, sell!

    That is true if you feel it is properly repaired. If you have got it running with two old sticks and some chewing gum you keep the test drive short....
  14. AMG-Al

    Slightly weird one...

    it was spx !!!
  15. AMG-Al

    SPX - Now here's a project.

    Quite economical tho' .......
  16. AMG-Al

    SPX - Now here's a project.

    RACE CAR, HILLCLIMB,SPRINT,TRACK CAR | eBay Well?? Could this be complicated enough for you? :devil:
  17. AMG-Al

    50 in a 40, points or course?

    Then i'm changing my name to either "slow" or "not guilty"
  18. AMG-Al

    Happy Birthday SPX!

    Will this really happen???? Happy birthday anyway amigo.
  19. AMG-Al

    Speeding in France

    FTFY :o
  20. AMG-Al

    Speeding in France

    But my answer still stands too.
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