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  1. alibally

    REMOTE not unlocking car or locking SKL 350

    Is the aerial fitted on the left rear wing? It's required for the radio locking. Does it work if you point the remote at the ir sensor in the right hand exterior door handle?
  2. alibally

    carplay w176 retrofit 2016

    After a bit of checking try the following. Make sure siri is activated /switched on in phone settings Make sure phone is unlocked when connecting cable for the 1st time and allow carplay, when phone locked in phone settings. It should ask you when connecting for the first time. It has to be...
  3. alibally

    W164 ML SAM module / water leak soruce

    The 3rd brake lights on the tailgate leak and the water runs down the sides of the door and out the bottom of it into the boot. I've done loads.
  4. alibally

    carplay w176 retrofit 2016

    Reset procedure.
  5. alibally

    carplay w176 retrofit 2016

    See this from MB guides app.
  6. alibally

    carplay w176 retrofit 2016

    No, you can do it yourself. It will reset the unit to factory so you will lose any radio presets etc. Press the vehicle button on the radio and use the rotary controller and pull back on it. You should see an options box open at the bottom. Turn the controller to highlight the options box and...
  7. alibally

    carplay w176 retrofit 2016

    What do you mean by Mercedes? MBUK or the dealer? Throwing unhelpful statements like that doesn't fix the problem. Is the car actually a 2016 car or is it old stock registered as a 16 plate? Does the car actually have CarPlay and it's pilot error? Is there a fault in it that stops it...
  8. alibally

    carplay w176 retrofit 2016

    See page 40 It should be standard on an SE
  9. alibally

    carplay w176 retrofit 2016

    I thought it did. The no2 USB port in the centre console should have a different symbol on it than the other one. If it has plug the lightning lead from the iPhone into that and try it.
  10. alibally

    The Airmatic DC Story

    Where is your proof.....:ban:
  11. alibally

    Comand APS NTG2.5 version

    I updated the firmware on an NTG 2.5 unit on an ML. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes as it updated the media interface as well. It could take 3 hrs to update the map data on some cars as well. It ties up the star machine for ages to do the firmware so it depends how may stars the dealers have and...
  12. alibally

    63 AMG no Crank and gearbox problems.

    I have had a intermittent non start problem on a w204 and it turned out to be the front Sam unit. The car unlocked ok and the key turned fine but the starter didn't turn, not even a click. If the key was removed and re tried the car would start.
  13. alibally

    Mercedes-Benz Winter Wheel & Tyre Promotion 2011

    How long it it before the haters find something to slag the dealers off about the winter tyre promo.
  14. alibally

    Should I be staggered?

    May be right. Some cars had 205/55x16 on the front and 225/50x16 on the back. It varied from model to model and also depends on what wheels are fitted.
  15. alibally

    B-Class auto headlights

    Hello. The light sensor cannot be adjusted for light intensity . The sensor is beside the rear view mirror. If the car is only a year old then it's a warranty job. It's possible the sensor is faulty. It's attached the the screen by a gel so have a look at it and check for air bubbles.
  16. alibally

    1990 300 sl w129 71k miles

    I have changed a few ignition switches for this fault. It wasn't the barrel and key it was the electrical part. You have to be careful though because if the tube the electrical section is situated is removed without the key being in the auxiliary position then the steering lock locks in and it...
  17. alibally

    w202 starts then cuts out

    Mass airflow sensor?
  18. alibally

    Mercedes-Benz Winter Wheel & Tyre Promotion 2011

    This is a country wide promo. So I don't know what they are talking about.
  19. alibally

    Fault codes on W211 E280 - Help Please

    I am sorry for going off thread but I get a bit fed up with the dealers seen as the villain all the time. We are sometimes the last port of call for a lot of people for whatever reason with everyone and their dog having looked at a fault on a car before us. I am not saying that dealers are...
  20. alibally

    Fault codes on W211 E280 - Help Please

    This is a bit harsh. You are tarring all dealers with the same brush. It's obvious that you have a agenda as you are a part share in a "specialist".
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