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    Big girl you are beautiful...

    I've had worse! :D
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    Home Office set to approve new SPECS3 cameras

    In that case bring back the GCC MAN!! :bannana: I only brought up the bike thing so i could make my rubbish pun! :D
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    Home Office set to approve new SPECS3 cameras

    Yes I knew that but Darth hasn't been around for a while either ;)
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    Home Office set to approve new SPECS3 cameras

    :D :D I would still like to hear of a 'racing biker' who 'races' around Richmond park below 20mph.. In this area I feel Biscuit's defence may be crumbling (all that just to get that pun out...:rolleyes: :o ) Back to children being educated on road crossing etc, when i was at school i...
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    'Global warming'

    Someone mentioned becoming veggies.. my experience of veggies would suggest this would increase the problem..
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    'Global warming'

    Is anyone else thinking "Dads Army"??
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    Snow! for those who are fed up with the moaning! (light hearted)

    above was posted by me a few months back in the winter tyres thread.. :o :o :o Pic below is my car stuck on a friends drive in .....Surrey :rolleyes: :o :o
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    The truth about smoking

    If Greece is anything like Portugal they will have totally got round the ban by installing the recommended air vent machines in their bars that they don't even plug in! I heard something the other day, i think it was called the French Enigma or something, where they drink wine, eat foods with...
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    Counterfeit Pound Coins

    I am probably missing something here but i can't see the point of going to all the trouble?
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    CLK horror

    Oh dear! :eek: Manual & cloth interior as well - the final 2 nails in a 'lambo'ed door coffin!
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    Hourly van rental Reading/Bracknell?

    Have you checked the small ads in the local rag? I hired a man and van for £50 for 2 hours - you wont even have to get out of bed! :D
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    Definition of a Supercar

    I wouldn't count the R8 personally. I saw it at Gatwick Airport on one of those rip-off competition stands next to a Lamborghini Murcielago and whilst on their own they look amazing it looked almost average next to the Lambo. The SLR though.. I had forgotten about that - I'll let that one in then!
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    Definition of a Supercar

    Supercar to me will always be something 2 seater, very low, wedge-shaped with a +£80k tag, normally European but never German
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    Honda to quit Formula 1!

    Mike Rutherford - the poor mans Jason Dawe :devil: I always thought, perhaps rather naively that F1 teams were kind of self-sustaining what with advertising revenue etc.. but i guess in a way Honda would be the least attractive team to advertise with - constant over promising and...
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    Wood or carbon fibre?

    ^^^^^ Its real carbon apparently, some sort of carbon fibre coating - anyways i like it and I want it! The mention of fake wood has reminded me of when my grandad (rip) went through a phase of covering everything in fake wood sticky back plastic, clock radios, speakers, the axe finally fell...
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    Hello & welcome! :) I notice your location; do you know what NFB means? (if you do, i don't mean to be rude! :D ) Andy
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    Good external memory?

    I have a 500gb freeagent external hard-drive, does everything i need it to and looks quite sleek in black. I think it was about £70 from Maplins about 8 months ago which means it will be less now or 750gb for the same money.
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    Just discovered "winter tyres" ? Do any of you swap tyres each year ? The RAC don't mention winter tyres - i don't know if this is an indication that they don't use them? "Tyre condition should be checked, (inc. the spare) for tyre pressure and legal tread depth. The...
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    Wood or carbon fibre?

    Make sure you mask up the mirrors! I like it - can it be done in-situ or has the trim got to come off?
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