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    Clarkson gets pranked

    I was getting excited there, bit crap really.
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    COMAND DVD & Bluetooth Cradle Adaptor

    The E class (W211) goes on Saturday so I am salvaging what bits I can before the day. For Sale : B67875877 Used but very good condition bluetooth telephone adaptor £175+2.50P&P B67823659 DVD COMAND APS 2007 disc, sorry cannot find case just disk, open to offers.
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    What's this E500 Estate worth?

    How many miles does it have ?
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    I have drank from the tainted chalice today

    Test drove a one year old Audi S4 saloon today. All I can hear are the demons :devil: on my shoulder saying buy,buy. I think I need to lay down in dark room for a while.
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    is my car chipped

    He could have a bag of cement or a body in his boot that could add extra weight and result in slower acceleration ?
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    First Pictures of My C55

    Wouldnt call her a sex bomb But interesting the connection to the band Spinnerette Do you recall the Spinners and those cable knit jumpers, which were nice:)
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    Real world MPG

    My w211 is getting 28mpg for the last 2000 miles which has been around town miles rather than long motorway runs.
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    ASR: How Good Is It?

    I have C or S and no W setting for the gear box. C is comfort and S is standard modes, both we rubbish in the snow
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    ASR: How Good Is It?

    Thanks Its rubbish in snow then as my car was like a huge muffin in the cold stuff and I had to rely on my wifes car.
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    ASR: How Good Is It?

    I have a W211 and havent noticed it, what should I look for a button or a light on the dash ??
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    ASR: How Good Is It?

    Is ASR an option ?
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    Disabled car from Ukraine

    I like the security feature on the sliding windows. The lumps of wood preventing the windows from opening !!
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    1 of 50?

    Dont like the wheels
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    Can we live with this ???
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    This, I like
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    E Class Wanted

    He would get a much better deal and a left hand drive version in main land Europe.
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    I have the same problem !!
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    Correct, but I could do both
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    BT Fusion VOIP

    Do not consider a Blackberry unless you are using it for emails on the go. Most likley they are trying to sell these sort of devices to try and sign you in for data or email services as the fixed line voice market offers them little profit.
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    Thelma and Louise tonight!

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