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  1. franey

    W124 Parts Clear Out!!

    Hi do you still have the palomino centre arm rest please? Thanks
  2. franey

    Windows go up and down only with doors open

    Replace the 'comfort' relay
  3. franey

    Marvin's UK Tour 2013

    You could consider the ferry to Hull overnight, then you have cut out the south part. A lot less tiring than driving from Dover up to Lancashire. You are welcome also to call here for coffee and cake!
  4. franey

    ATF Amount needed

    We sell that somewhat cheaper at Wunderpartz. Good quality product too. Cheers
  5. franey

    JAR Motorsport - Rotherham

    Where are Jar now? Anyone know what happened to these chaps?
  6. franey

    AIR CON switch indicates OFF - permanently W220

    is the system pressurised? if the pressure is below a certain level then it shuts down. Easiest thing to do is take it for a recharge, presumably its been working fine? They do sometimes need re charging after a few years.
  7. franey

    Serpentine belt routing on my 2001 E320 cdi????

    Mercedes E320 CDI: Serpentine Belt Replacement
  8. franey

    Dealer Discounts - AMG

    Sounds like the dealer has already lied to you? I would not buy anything from them.
  9. franey

    EuroCarParts Forum Discount. How does that work, then?

    ECP continue to try and trick everybody with the 'club discount' trick. There is absolutely no denying it Patrick 'the swindle' is no longer working.......that you sell to club members 'cheaper than anywhere else' is the biggest load of ****** since the Sex Pistols. There is not one part...
  10. franey

    So..what makes a sportline W124

    .from what I recall when I sold the last set, not only were the lower ball joints welded in place they were at a very acute angle so something there on the geometry side. Also have a look at the subframe bushes, there are different types depending on model / vin. Obviously the arb bushes are...
  11. franey

    Serpentine belt length question.

    Derek, Mercedes Multi Rib V Belt 6PK2090 Excellent OE Quality | eBay Call me tomorrow mate and you can have it cheaper. Bren
  12. franey

    Engines or pistons wanted. OM604

    ........project waiting to get off the ground, need these!!
  13. franey

    w202 rear suspension bushes

    Mercedes Rear Thrust Arm Bush 190 C E SLK CLK SL 2013528865 | eBay
  14. franey

    Wheel refurbishment, Manchester

    Anyone tried these @ £20 per wheel? City Powder Coaters Ltd. Birmingham. 0121 448 7646.#! Ask for Maureen.:dk:
  15. franey

    Engines or pistons wanted. OM604

    As per title if anyone has by the slimmest of chances got one / two of the old 220 diesel engines from the W202 or W210 non turbo 220d or pistons, for a project thanks.
  16. franey

    Wunderpartz and Franey are Wunderbar

    Thanks Druk. I know there was at one time a turbo kit for the RHD 6 cyl petrol 124 therefore the box problem was overcome there? My thinking is that the manifold be similar?
  17. franey

    Wunderpartz and Franey are Wunderbar

    Olivier, thanks matey, please, pull the other one, thats not coolant or tea. Don't think that you can go on a night on the tiles then p**s in a bottle the morning after and expect it to act as coolant, it won't work. Buy some proper stuff you tight monkey!
  18. franey

    Wunderpartz and Franey are Wunderbar

    Thanks chaps! Appreciate your feedback. On another note, been looking at this: .......and just for the hell of it what about dropping a 6 cyly 24v diesel in her? Any thoughts? I am sure its...
  19. franey

    240td suspension spheres

    Thanks, interestingly its the same company. EPC = CP4Less Wool Eyes Pullover.
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