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    Any other watch fans on here?

    ive got a nice white swatch , i wear it daily :)
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    nice :)
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    London to make Supercar Revving/Racing Illegal

    you can enforce the no racing , but how they going to enforce revving your car ??
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    Is the main dealer taking the pi** ??

    techno, techno ,techno , what happened to just using a good old key , the more electronics on cars these days then the harder it is to repair them when it goes **** up :(
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    VW lying about 'cleaned diesel'...

    someone gonni be in deep sheet over this fiasco :(
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    The Award For The Most Annoying Person Goes to?

    DVLA , Still not returned the 10 month road tax refund i am due after selling my 2014 F type Jaguar 2 months ago :(
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    Mercedes Standoff

    very Adult , should it not have been a case of age before beauty :)
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    a45 amg

    just wondered what sort of mileage guys on here are getting from there tyres on A45 Amg,s coming up to 12,000miles on mine they still have quite a bit of tread left but thinking about putting full set of new tyres on car prior to winter arriving. any thoughts ? should i keep what i have on...
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    Frustrating!! Wash Dry Shut Boot Wet Again

    same if you open your windows after car been washed and dried , window goes down all nice and clean comes back up beaded with water , aarrrgghhhh :(
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    Cornwall - things to do?

    mine tin :)
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    Holiday family's car is driven 800 miles while 'parked' by airport firm

    and that is exactly why i would never leave my car with valet service at airport , NCP then shuttle bus works for me
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    Half a million quid for a G Wagen

    someone with more money than sense will have snapped it up by now :0
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    Wide Body SL600

    nice i like that :)
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    Holiday family's car is driven 800 miles while 'parked' by airport firm

    I wouldnt leave my car at any airport , i know some people dont have a choice but my prefrence is leave car at home get family memmber or friends to give me lift to airport , failing that a Taxi
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    Which Model of AMG do you own?

    A45 AMG , :bannana:
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    new wheeler dealers

    wheeler dealer ok but as some have said why all the ****** at end of show dressing up etc to take car out for a spin :( :(
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    Edinburgh detailers

    thanks , will check them out i want to get the paint protection detail done my R8 and the A45 Amg
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    A45 AMG Project Thread: One step at a time

    good write up mate , i have same car ,Aero pack rear spoiler amg performance exhaust etc etc , not done any engine mods yet but after reading your write up may get around to it soon
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    Why do some AMG owners drive like knobs?

    hi Paul see you also own a couple of bikes , ive got a 2012 Ducati Panigale Tricolore s , and a 2014 Ducati Diavel Carbon White ,
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    Edinburgh detailers

    hi Guys does anyone know or can recommend a good Car Detailer in Edurgh area, thanks in advance :thumb:
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