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    My e320 cdi for sale

    MY PRIDE AND JOY HAS TO GO, IT IS LISTED ON EBAY ASWELL ( AUCTION NUMBER 290305325919) E320 CDI AVANTGARDE TIP FULL SERVICE HISTORY MERC & SPECIALIST 99K 19" carlsson 1/5 alloys full spec and supersize pics on ebay . any question feel free to call ( number on ebay) or private message stuart
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    Belated Intro

    hello and welcome funny enough im a gas fitter!
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    confession aswell the misses car has l22 tmg ( initials ) and my car has M8 8EN L on it for the lad when he's older:rolleyes:
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    thinking of selling

    I have a (w210) 2001 E320 cdi avantgarde tiptronic, it has just had lots of warrenty paint work and panels so it looks brilliant no rust!! , its metalic green has full service history 19" carlsson 1/5 (untouched), zenons , leather , climate and all the usual bits 97,000 mls , how much do you...
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    why and how????? not happy

    not to my knowledge ? maybe time for a new one!!!
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    New to the forum!

    welcome mate , very nice car:)
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    why and how????? not happy

    thank you all thats put my mind at rest a lot , and i now have some very good explanations of why it has done this i just hope its the case and the manager of the spray shop is honest and forthcoming??
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    why and how????? not happy

    that sounds the case , do you think that could be why its done a few miles to try to boost the battery? would a booster pack have damaged any thing as i hear they damage ecu's quite often?
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    why and how????? not happy

    thank you that may help , did it register a fault code on the dash / or in diagnostics . did it impair the power cos the power is all there on mine( when i say that i mean it revs all the way up it doesnt seem to be restricted). cheers stuart
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    why and how????? not happy

    :mad: I took my car to the merc aproved body shop last week to have a new door and boot lid under corrosion warenty and whilst it was there i asked if the could touch up a few other things for me they repainted the door two front wings and the corner of the front bumper . i went to collect the...
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    Performance Diesels

    A fair comment but its a big thursty petrol , probably not a massive amount worse than a 320 cdi but i love diesels , i also own a golf gt tdi . i think the power and torque from the merc is brilliant which has made me want more!!!!
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    drilled and groved discs

    that site was spot on . thank you both for your help , ive never had any dealings or used any one else bar tarox and ive put them on previous bmw's . any other preferences on manufacturer and style?
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    Any central heating experts about??

    i would say portzy's hit the nail on the head as im corgi registered aswell wont be scale its a common misconseption it will be hydrogen id imagine caused by iron oxide - air ingress ( red water) or magnatite which is chemical caused by lack of inhibitor and reaction of all the different...
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    Performance Diesels

    where / how was it done if you dont mind me asking and what did you pay?
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    Performance Diesels

    scary and thats an 08! i notice you have a chipped e320 cdi tell me more pls!!!!:)
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    Bacon roll poll

    voted brown its the only real choice:D i have a butty every day if possible and its gotta be : bacon , egg , sausage , tomato , pepper and brown sauce on crusty bread (tripple deccer) thats my tipple:D
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    drilled and groved discs

    anyone have any ideas where to start?:confused:
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    Rolled Arches

    ive heard body shops may do it ? is that what you mean? im hoping to get it done before it goes in for rust warrent work so i can get the spray shop to do it for a back hander;)
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    Performance Diesels

    sounds like a lot of one off fabrication ( money , money,money) coz i can bet there wont be much if anything that would be off the shelf!!!
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    motorway cops bbc1 now!!!!

    silver car must be write off did you see the roof:eek: where would you start with the insurance claim:confused: it was bad enough when the airline lost my case :crazy:
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