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  1. panason1c

    ML 270 CDI Kickdown issue - Help!!

    Could be inlet manifold flaps or flap motor causing no kickdown. You need codes read.
  2. panason1c

    Should I tollerate a Merc garage responding to a Vito injector issue like this??

    Cold morning non-starts is usually attributed to ingress of air in the fuel pipes/system in my experience. The rubber seals on the fuel pipes become hard in the cold weather and don't seal properly.
  3. panason1c

    ML 270 G/Box problems

    As above, could also be a problem with the inlet manifold flaps/flap motor. Codes need to be read to confirm.
  4. panason1c

    injector seat cutting tool

    Just cut slots in your old bolt and run it in and out of the hole a few times (cleaning out the slots in between)
  5. panason1c

    Ml270 smoking

    As above.
  6. panason1c

    W163 ML270 CDi won't start when hot.

    .......or, in this case with the cps having already been changed, I would suspect a faulty injector..... and I would carry out a leak-off test
  7. panason1c

    service reset problem

    I had the exact same problem on my ML some time ago when I acquired and used a scanner that had a service reset facility. Previously, I had always reset it manually using the button on the instrument panel but immediately after using the scanner the indicator didnt work correctly and displayed...
  8. panason1c

    ML270 W163 Front wheel drive only?

    No, you will have no drive if you remove the rear (or front) prop shaft. The transfer box has no 'limited slip' function and therefore leaves you with no drive if either prop shafts are removed.
  9. panason1c

    w203 conductor plate

    Oil from the gearbox might have tracked along the loom and entered the transmission control unit which is located inside the cabin, worth checking first.
  10. panason1c

    ML270 white smoke and cuts off

    Would be courteous to let us know any progress?
  11. panason1c

    ML270 white smoke and cuts off

    Bit of a long shot, but the grinding noise you describe might be from a failed 'free-wheeling' pulley fitted to the alternator, as a result you might be low on voltage at the battery causing the supply voltage problem? To check the pulley, remove the drive belt and inspect it, it should revolve...
  12. panason1c

    w203 not starting after injector seal replacement - EPC error

    An epc error is likely to be a bad connection of one, or more,of the electric plugs on top of each injector.
  13. panason1c

    Not starting after Inlet Manifold flap removal and EGR Delete

    An easy way to check the cps is ok (plugged in) is to crank the engine and look at the rev counter needle, it should move slightly during cranking ps.... these engines initially take a LOT of cranking to eliminate air before they start up
  14. panason1c

    Chirpy chirpy gearbox

    Another thought..... Might be the freewheeling pulley on the alternator slipping during gearchanges/sudden engine speed change (sprag clutch again) :eek:
  15. panason1c

    Chirpy chirpy gearbox

    On the old Borg Warner 3 speed auto boxes, a 'chirp' during gear change was commonly caused by the sprag clutch worn/slipping...... I dont know if the MB boxes have a sprag clutch?
  16. panason1c

    W163 dpf

    Might have cleaned out the cats though, (if it works at all!!)
  17. panason1c

    2005 CLK 270CDI Auto struggles to start warm/hot

  18. panason1c

    Transmission Fluid

    If the tranny filter isnt pushed fully home into the valve block then the transmission pump will not be able to draw atf from the sump and will suck air instead, that is why 'overfilling' the transmission (as you did) overcame the problem (to some extent) of having no drive. Check out this...
  19. panason1c

    Transmission Fluid

  20. panason1c

    Transmission Fluid

    I refer you back to post #11 :wallbash:
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