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  1. Benzin

    Hi all,

    Howdy do!
  2. Benzin

    Spotted: S202 Van conversion

    Bit of a random I know, but I thought I'd share, anyone else got pics of mercedes oddities? S-class pick ups, E-class vans?? 1999 MERCEDES C200 COMMERCIAL AUTO SILVER ONE OFF!!!!!! on eBay (end time 12-Mar-10 10:25:55 GMT)
  3. Benzin

    MERCEDES BENZ 190E 2.3-16 is Piston Head's SOTW

    The big question is, whats wrong with it to go so cheap apart from lack of T&T and high miles??
  4. My brothers W210 300 TD

    My brothers W210 300 TD

  5. 878.jpg


  6. 877.jpg


  7. My '99 S202 C250 TD Sport

    My '99 S202 C250 TD Sport

    Owned it for about 12 months now & runs like a dream. Strong, frugal & torquey 5 cylinder 2.5 turbodiesel. Only modifications have been: CLK 17" alloys AMG exhaust tips with deleted rear muffler K&N panel filter HID conversion Elegance grill
  8. Benzin

    are these genuine

    I think Dilo want to know how he can tell genuine items apart from replica items.
  9. Benzin

    Somebody kill this person, please.

    Why not go one better than the Yugo & buy yourself some class with a chinese Geely Haoqing!
  10. Benzin

    Oil advice please I had the same question today after reading an old issue of Mercedes Enthusiast about Mobil 1.
  11. Benzin

    are these genuine

    Due to the lax copyright rules in the far east & eastern europe, plenty of alloy wheel manufacturers are getting away with inferior reproductions of genuine wheels without the worry of prosecution from the original manufacturer/license holder. Genuine wheels will have a mercedes number & tiny...
  12. Benzin

    w201 2.0i Idle speed too fast

    I take it you have a manual? I would say I could help but my girlfriends W201 Auto seems to have the same issue of high rpm during neutral but drops to about 600rpm when in drive.
  13. Benzin

    Youngest Merc driver on here then?

    I got mine at 23, my brother got his first at 19 and my girlfriend, 22, just bought her first one this week. Family of mercs!
  14. Benzin

    Brooklands GTG Sunday 28th June

    Is there a general time people are thinking of meeting up at MB World?
  15. Benzin

    1989 Gembella 500 SEC Widebody LHD

    Were the funky door handle covers exlusive to Gembellas?
  16. Benzin

    Weird windows & sunroof in w202

    Wierd one, was the car wet (washed, car wash, rained on etc) as my old W202 windows used to play up after a good soaking & worked fine once dried out.
  17. Benzin

    Dog car !!!!!

    Wow good on ya, reminds me of one of my mates old Astra estate!
  18. Benzin

    Wanted W202 facelift front bumper.

    Im after a front bumper (as seen in pic), SILVER is prefered as mine has had a rough life, not looking to spend big bucks but willing to travel to collect also after a replacement belly pan for under the engine bay. Thanks!
  19. Benzin

    W202 C250 or other Turbo Wanted

    Fitted a reconditioned turbo for now but still after any bits you have to offer.
  20. Benzin

    2010 Mercedes E Class Coupe Almost Undisguised

    Same thought popped into my mind about the rear looking like the new Lexus IS
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