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    What colour leather do I have in 2004 SL`

    I have just ordered some gliptone leather dye however it looks rather dark in the bottle. I have a two tone leather interior and I may have ordered the darker of the two. I have a 2004 SL350 with the following from the vin number:WDB2304672F075989 200a leather 208a leather - gray I have...
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    R230 Sl350 2004 speakers (non Bose)

    Hi I am hoping someone can help out. I am trying to find out the size and quantity of speakers fitted to the standard command 2.0 audio system in a 2004 SL350 as I am going to replace the head unit and the speakers with after market units (head unit has a faulty CD loader and speakers sound...
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    I've been reckless.......2004 SL350 on it's way

    I have had my 2003 CLK320 for just short of 3 years now and have been coveting the SL's [R230] for a while. This yearning was compounded when a colleague bought a 2004 SL500 and on discovering my admiration for the marque, insisted on parking next to me whenever he could. So my resistance has...
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    Dynavin instal in a 2003 CLK W209

    I recently purchased my CLK and the radio was the standard Audio 10 with a CD changer in the glove box. The sound of the standard stereo IMO was not the best and was somewhat lacking sonically in a car of this quality and in my mind was top of my list of things to change. I had done some...
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    18" CLK wheels -To buy or not to buy?

    Guys looking for an opinion here. I have just purchased a CLK320 2003 and i need two new rear tyres, roughly about £150 cost wise, bear with me. Now with my 'blokes' logic, I'm thinking maybe now is the time to upgrade to 18" wheels and tyres, it would cost me roughly £950 but i could sell my...
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    MB indy near Basingstoke Hampshire

    Has anyone had any experiance with Pro-tech in kingsclere near newbury, as they are a very local MB indy to me. Failing that do any of you guys recommend or have experiance of any other local independants, or the Basingstoke MB dealership for that matter. Thanks in advance.
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    Introduction from a potential new CLK owner

    Hi, I thought I would introduce myself as I have been reseraching this and other forums (but this is the best :thumb:) prior to a new car purchase. I am viewing a 2003, CLK320 tomorrow with 52k miles and some if not all service history (I will confirm tomorrow). Now I am aware of the Valeo rad...
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