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    Autodipping Rearview Mirror

    The autodipping rearview mirror on my pre-facelift W203 has just been replaced under warranty (it rattled). The new one is different. It has what looks like a sensor about 25mm diameter on the part which attaches to the roof and an orange LED underneath the mirror itself, which lights up when...
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    I payed approx. £407 inc vat last April for a pair of Halogen facelift headlamps from my local dealer.
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    W203 - Bi-Xenon Install

    Regarding the wing mirror repeaters, I was under the impression that a wiring mod was required when fitting the facelift lenses. Was this the case and if so what is involved?
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    Sport pack

    Tyre sizes with Sport Pack are 225/45 x 17 front and 245/40 x 17 rear.
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    Buy the facelift headlamps from your friendly dealer, remove front bumper then it is a straight swap. Done it myself on my 04.
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    2005 W203 Foglamps

    Many thanks for your help Flash. Peter.
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    2005 W203 Foglamps

    I have just changed the headlights for the clear lens type on my '04 W203 C200. Now I want to fit the clear lens foglamps and new style mirror indicators. However the parts guy at my dealer says the blinkers will not fit (something about the wiring) and he is 99.9% sure the foglamps won't...
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    W203 Exhaust Smoke

    I have a 2004 W203 C200 Kompressor which has done 5000 miles. I have recently noticed that when starting from cold there is often a puff of blue/grey smoke from the exhaust. Is this normal, i.e. unburnt fuel? The inside of the tail pipe is black. Has anyone else noticed this with their...
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    C-Class Clear Headlamps

    Has anyone replaced their W203 C-Class headlamps with the new style clear lens lamps? Was it a straight swap and what did you pay for them? Thanks Peter
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    Torque Settings

    Hello, Can anyone give me the torque settings for the sump drain plug and the oil filter cap on a 2004 C200 Kompressor Twinpulse engine? Is there anything I should be aware of before I attempt an oil change on this car? Thanks in advance. Peter.
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    Parking Brake

    The parking brake does hold the car when in neutral but I can roll it forwards and backwards by a couple of inches either way before it stops. Sometimes it works OK. I do press pretty hard on the pedal. Does the brake work on the rear discs or on something else, as I can see the discs...
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    Parking Brake

    I have just bought a new C200 Avantgarde SE. After applying the parking brake on a slope, the car rolls forward or back a couple of inches. Also, I can push the car backwards and forwards whilst in neutral with the parking brake applied. A friends older E Class doesn't do this. I asked...
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    C-class Sports Pack Wheels

    I saw an Andradite Green C200 with Sports Pack in the used car section on the Mercedes website. The wheels were different. However on the photo it did say "Image Digitally Created". Just thought I'd ask as I'm considering buying one, but only if it has the same wheels as in the brochure.
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    C-class Sports Pack Wheels

    Can anyone please tell me if all current model C-class Avantgarde cars with the Sports Pack option are fitted with the same design / size 5 spoke wheels as shown in the Mercedes brochure, or were there variations?
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