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    Clk 270 cdi 2005 reg pulley deflector wheel replacement

    Hello fellow ,members the deflector pulley on my Clk 270 cdi has lost the last 2 V grooves on the belt pulley deflector which has just shredded the belt I am wondering if it is a straight forward swap job? The bearing seems fine with no play so I am planning on just swapping the pulley itself &...
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    5-Speed 722.6 auto box conductor plate

    I read a post somewhere on here where somebody posting something about a company selling original 722.6 conductor plates but the original Merc logo was scratched off but they were original conductor plates. Anybody remember this or can point me to it please?
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    E211 C class 2.2 diesel auto box same as clk270 cdi ?

    Hello fellow members I am wondering if the auto gearbox from a 211E C 2.2 diesel class will fit in a Clk 270 cdi they both have the same number 722.6 ?
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    clk 270 209 headlight switch removal

    Hello fellow members I am trying to take out the headlight switch panel which also houses the headlight washer switch as the switch is sticking, I have taken of the end cover where the fuses are & I can see 2 x silver steel clips that look like they hold the panel I cannot see how to remove the...
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    CLK 270cdi No gauges or electrics on dash after jump start?

    Hello fellow members. I have a 55 reg 270clk 270cdi which has been stood for couple of weeks & I went to start it last Thursday & it only just started, I went to it today & it turned over but very slowly then it died so we jumped it off a pick up whilst I put the jump leads on the pick up my...
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    faulty air mass meter making car go into limp mode?

    I have had my Merc Clk 270 cdi 2005 reg at my friends garage for various jobs to be done & the car ha started to stick in gear, ie it wont change up or down & the fastest you can go is around 35mph as its reving at 3500 which sounds horrendous! It will go into reverse as well. I am torn between...
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    Clk 270 cdi fuel just in one side of tank?

    Hi fellow members I have a 55 plate Clk 270 cdi & I am having problems with the diesel getting to the engine. I recently drained the diesel tank as I had some contaminated fuel in the diesel tank by taking off both of the round cover on the fuel tank & inserting a pipe to suck all the fuel out I...
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    Clk270cdi 2005 diesel pump

    Hello fellow members I have a55 plate Clk270 cdi that has a knackerd fuel pump so I am after buying a second hand one possibly from ebay & I was wondering if the pump is the same on the clk220 diesel or can anybody tell me the pump number or the compatibility form other Mercedes models please?
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    Contaminated diesel injectors&pump problems?

    If diesel is contaminated with a cleaning chemical will it ruin the seals in the diesel pump & can it damage the injectors ie do the injectors have seals in them like the pump?
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    Clk 270cdi 55 plate engine type etc

    Hello fellow members I have a 55 plate Clk270cdi & i am wanting to know the engine type as i am lead to belive that there are variations & that some have high pressure fuel pumps & low pressure fuel pumps. The engine number is: 61296730355695. Any advice will be gratefully received
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    clk cdi fuel tank draining

    Hello which is the easiest way to drain the fuel tank ? I was going to take out the sender unit & put a pipe into the tank connected to a pump as I am guessing there wont be a drain plug due to possible theft.
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    clk270cdi overheated engine

    I have a 55 plate clk270cdi with 140k on the clock. I was driving down the motorway when the temp gauge started to rise & went onto the red so I limped to the next exit about 1/2 mile & I just got off the slip road & the engine cut out so I coasted into the edge & lifted the bonnet & there was...
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    Clk 270cdi water from header tank going into washer bottle??

    Hello fellow members' I have a very strange thing happening to my 55 plate Clk270cdi auto, I have noticed that I am putting lots of water in the header tank on a daily basis at first I thought it may be the problem with the valeo radiator scenario but I checked the transmission fluid regular &...
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    ATF colour ?

    Hello fellow members I have a clk270 cdi 55 plate auto & I have checked the atf fluid which is at the correct level but the fluid is a light brownish colour is this normal? I have an intermittent gearbox fault where as every now & then it wont change up into top gear so I was wondering if this...
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    Clk 270cdi new springs to fit front&rear

    I have a 55 plate 270cdi which has failed the MOT on a broken front & rear spring so I have always been told that its best to change them as a pair. I have not changed springs on this car before & I was wondering if there are any problems that I may have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Clk 270cdi 55 plate auto gearbox sticking

    I have a 55 plate Clk 270 cdi with 130,000 miles, every now & then the gearbox will not change up into top gear & if i try to change it into "S" sport mode form the "C" mode on the switch adjacent to the gear change & it will not switch over to "S" mode but when the gearbox is working normally i...
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    270 clk cdi top hose

    hello fellow members I have a 55 plate cl 270 cdi & today I noticed a water lea from around the top hose near where it fits onto the radiator but I cannot see if its the rad that's leaking or the top hose, I can see the hose fits to the engine with a standard jubilee clip but at the radiator...
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    Clk 270 cdi fan change

    I have a Clk 270 cdi 55 reg & my radiator fan does not work so I have bought another fan & I am going to replace it & I was wondering what kind of job it is> Do you have to remove the front slam panel, any water hoses etc, any advice on what kind of job it is will be greatly appreciated.
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    CLK 270CDI Auto gearbox not changing

    Hi there fellow members I have a 55 plate clk270cdi with 125k on the clock. Today I went on a long run to the coast & back approx. a 200 mile round trip, on the way there we had no problems at all but on the way back I noticed that the revs were high when cruising along & also the cruise...
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    clk 270 cd changer

    Hello does anybody know how to remove the cd changer in the glove box please? I need to remove the unit to get to the latch for the glovebox i have found 2 x torx screws on the edge of the unit & I have removed them but the unit is still tight I am thinking that there are more screws
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