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  1. tor_ake

    CLK 270 with manual 'box - Good idea?

    Why would hill starts be more interesting than any other manual cars? Something with the parking brake...? Automatic transmission adds at least £1k to any mercedes, as long as the car itself is worth more than that. ;-)
  2. tor_ake

    Do all w202 have the same diameter brake discs

    No. At least the C43 AMG has larger rotors (334mm), according to spare parts catalogues. The C200 diesel and C180 Petrol have 284mm solid rotors. Models inbetween have something else.
  3. tor_ake

    Why use the 'special' spring compressor?

    Since the springs are located further in, on a "lever" from the wheel spindle, they are about twice as stiff as springs from e.g. a macpherson strut. You can use standard spring compressors, but they must be sturdy enough for the job. Most aren't, which makes the job very dangerous, as claws can...
  4. tor_ake

    Map sensor location w204 c180 2012

    On the intake manifold, under the airbox. Almost directly below the maf sensor.
  5. tor_ake

    How to test fuel pressure

    I have not seen a rail pressure sensor on the M111 engine in my wifes CLK200 -99. It is not at all common on petrol engines. No pressure sensor = no way for the computer to know.
  6. tor_ake

    loud whirring noise

    Color of the fluid? Where is the sound coming from? Under bonnet? Pinpoint the sound and come back with a picture.
  7. tor_ake

    W203, setting the clock.

    The cluster has to be reprogrammed to enable manual time setting. This is done with Star Diagnosis i.e. at a mb shop.
  8. tor_ake

    Winter tyres for 2010 Clc 180

    I fully understand that your winter conditions are not the same as mine, but if you ever need to drive in snow, slush or water that is deeper than your tyre thread (5-10mm), the tyre width directly affects how fast you can drive before the wheel loses contact with the ground. (look at rallycars)...
  9. tor_ake

    Winter tyres for 2010 Clc 180

    If you will be driving in snow it's best getting the smallest possible alloys for your car and narrow high rubber. 195/65 15 on mine but 195/60 16 might be needed if you have the bigger front brakes. Low profile winter tyres have very poor price/performance ratio. My reference is Stockholm...
  10. tor_ake

    Kleemann boost kit for 200k?

    Go for it. But get a proper ecu tune, not the k-box. The pulleys will add some torque in the middle and headers a nice top end. K-box on my 180 gave 15hp and a lean afr on top, while properly tuning the ecu with AFR checked on rolling road added 28hp. No pulleys for me, however, so the gain is...
  11. tor_ake

    Used E vs C Class

    Sorry but a 6ft son rules out the 202 and 203. No legroom in the back seat. I am ibit under 6 and cant sit comfortably behind myself. But then again, the youth is bendable. ;)
  12. tor_ake

    M112 intake and mystery canister

    it's listed in the parts catalog as a "shock absorber". I can't see what would possibly be gained by removing it.
  13. tor_ake

    Underfloor heating advice

    The UFH vendor surely has instructions for how to lay their particular product. I will be adding UFH to my upstairs bathroom, and for that application, the UFH products available (in sweden) states they should be casted in a 8-15mm thick layer of screed. For joist floors, it should be laid...
  14. tor_ake

    Clk200 Komp 2001 won't hold revs at 2500rpm

    theory is: oil runs in the loom, mucks up the o2 sensor - that would cause the emissions fail.
  15. tor_ake

    Clk200 Komp 2001 won't hold revs at 2500rpm

    If the idle is ok, then it isn't an air leak Never heard of the oil in loom sickness until today, but it could very well fit the bill.
  16. tor_ake

    1998 C200 sport kick down ??

    The purpose of kick down is to make the engine "rev high". A faulty MAF sensor will make the engine lose power, thereby not beeing able to convert the high revs into forward push.
  17. tor_ake

    Clk200 Komp 2001 won't hold revs at 2500rpm

    How is the idle, especially with the AC off? Steady around 750 or higher, fluctuating?
  18. tor_ake

    210 gearing

    Slippage lets the engine increase its revs, thereby going into an area where more torque is available (losses made up for). This is apparently enough to negotiate slight hills. Kind of like having an extra gear "in-between" as OP described it.
  19. tor_ake

    HID Xenon or LED, which is brighter?

    A 35W HID lamp is over 3000 lumen. There is currently no replacement type bulbs with that kind of output, only purpose-built LED assemblies.
  20. tor_ake

    M271 alternator freewheel

    The T50 grip in the alternator stripped almost immediately, but 10-12 hits on the XZN spanner, emulating an impact wrench, loosened it. Total operation time was about one hour.
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