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    Peeling paint on new C350cdi

    Hi, Wondered if anyone could shed any light on this. Bought the new C350cdi in March, just been out to wash it and spotted that the inside rim of the front bumper has peeling paint. I have attached a photo (hopefully!). Obviously it's not visible unless you're looking in the front...
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    E220 CDI Battery currently 36% charged

    Guys Just had my battery checked(free winter check at ATS) and its come back with being 36% charged(the guy said to replace). I keep getting the battery convenience message now i know why. The thing is the battery is only 2 years old and im concerned that it might be the alternator not...
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    Smell of diesel and leak from underneath

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice. We've just returned from a 200 mile trip from Cornwall, got out of the car to find it stinking of diesel. Had a quick look underneath and in the middle, directly under the engine, an oily clearish substance is dripping quite consistently. I'm a...
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    E Class Wind Screen Front Wipers

    Guys Need some advice, would a 2010 set of Wind Screen Wipers fit a E Class 2003 model? Cheers Nicki
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    What oil to buy?

    Guys I have the message "add 1 litre" when i test my engine oil level. Whats variant do i need ie 10W/40??? Cheers Nicki
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    Water leaking from under the car.

    Hi there, we have an E220 CDi (S211) and i've just discovered after dropping something under the car after a long trip that there is water leaking from around the middle (in line with the front doors) underside of the car. I've phone my dad :o and he says it's the air conditioning unit and...
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    How do you change the dipped headlights on a S211??

    Guys can someone give me some advice on how you can change the dipped headlight bulbs?? Its not in the manual ;-(
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    Rev needle up and down!

    S211 Rev needle up and down! Hi Guys, Another day another problem, I have a 53 plate E220 CDI 115,000 miles and I notice the car rocks back and forth at around 30mph and again at 50mph(feel sea sick :eek:). When it does this the rev counter needle is moving back and forth and not staying...
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    How long will the brake-pads last?

    Hi I have just been down to MB and they have advised me that my front pads have 10% left and rear 20%. My question to the experts is how long do I have left approx until the sensors go off on the dash telling me that the brakes are low?? The car is a e220 cdi(s211) 53 plate>? thanks in advance.
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    MB Free Health Check

    Hi guys I went down to MB at Redill today and picked up a leaflet that reads the following:- "We all need a health check from time to time.....and so does your Mercedes-Benz. Now, on Saturdays between 9am - 1pm, you can have a complimentary vehicle health check at the Mercedes-Benz car...
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    Smart repair at Mercedes-Benz Redhill

    Hi guys Has anyone ever had a Smart repait carried out at MB Redhill and are they any good? Ive looked at their website and they have 95% customer satisfaction survey result(which is very good) any advise on smart repairs by MB would be of benefit. To be honest i had chips away come over and...
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    S211 rust bubbles on tailgate

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience of this or know if it's a common problem? My car is a 53 plate and i've noticed this weekend that there are a few rust bubbles popping up on the tailgate. One of them is quite big at about 5mm in diameter. We've only had the car for two weeks...
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    S211 electric foling mirrors

    Hi, I've just picked up my S211 E220 cdi Elegance and got it home. I've noticed that when i lock the car only one mirror (drivers side) folds in and the passenger side stays out. There's no malfunction being picked up on the computer. Is this normal or are both mirrors supposed to fold...
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    S211 handbook

    Not sure if i'm posting this in the right place (apologies if it belongs somewhere else), but i was looking on ebay at handbooks as the car i've just bought doesn't have one. All the E class handbooks i can see have a picture of the saloon on the front and i was wondering if there's a...
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    S211 glove box button

    Hi, I've just bought a S211 E220 cdi today and noticed that the glove box button (the bit where you put your key in) has started to wear quite badly and the rubber is coming off. Does anyone know if it is particularly costly to buy another button and have it fitted and where would be the...
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    E320cdi Avantgarde Estate Wanted

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could help me. I've been searching for an E320 cdi estate in avantgarde for a while but i'm finding it difficult to find the spec i want and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to find what i want other than...
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