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  1. Dand

    Poorboys Glaze

    Hey everyone, I used Poorboys White Diamond for the first time yesterday and was pretty pleased with the results. My only little niggle with it was i felt it didnt really spread all that well (compared to AG SRP) and i ended up using more than i thought i would. I was just wondering if thats...
  2. Dand

    w168 A-Class advice

    Hi everyone, After noticing A-class's that look reasonably tidy with fairly low miles have fallen into sub 1k territory my dad is quite interested in getting one to use as a little workhorse. Hes mainly interested in a 1.4 manual. I was just wondering what kind of stuff he should look out...
  3. Dand

    Auto Glym leather balm

    Hi everyone, Apologies if this is a daft question but can AG leather balm go off? The bottles about two years old and is stored in a warm dry room. I just applied some to my front seats using the same method i normally use and insted of gettin nice soft leather and a nice leathery smell ive...
  4. Dand

    The coolest tripod ever

    Sorry if its been posted before. After watching the Vmax video posted in another section of the forum i ended up having a rummage around youtube to watch some AMG ML's. I came across this which i couldnt resist sharing :) VzsYcOcPQjU&
  5. Dand

    Loose plastic trim on CLK

    Hi all, Ive noticed that the plastic trim on the rear quarter panel of my 208 CLK is coming loose. ive had a little look behind it and from the looks of it the fixings that should be on the car are stuck to what looks like a bracket the trim. Dose anyone know how i can remove the trim so i can...
  6. Dand

    iPhone auto correct

    A friend sent me this and i found it quite funny so i thought i would share it on here. Damn You Auto Correct! - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories
  7. Dand

    Helping a friend in the north west

    Hi all. A friend of mine is currently looking at converting from Audi to MB and has found this C180 classic which he is interested in. Although its fairly basic it looks clean and cheap. Before he goes to see it I was just wondering if any one has any info on it or experiences with manual C180's...
  8. Dand

    Waste of space saver more like

    Late last night my mums C180 SC had a blow out which lead to a large split in the side wall of the tire(suspected faulty tyre). Luckily she was only traveling slowly and wasnt far from the house. Due to there being next to no light i decided to change the tire in the morning before taking it to...
  9. Dand

    Super bowl MB advert

    Pretty cool ad :D:D:D rLVCjnEGrqQ
  10. Dand

    Lotus Senator?!

    I thought i might get told off if i posted it in the e-bay section so thought here might be the right place. I used to love the Lotus Carlton when i was younger. I went on a bit of a reminiscing trip earlier and came across this. I think its pretty cool but its a shame a possibly good Lotus...
  11. Dand

    CLK 430 turbo

    After my usual potter around YouTube i came across this video again. Im not really sure what to make of it, all i know is that noise would annoy the sh!t out of me after about two minutes and the idea of a turbo being at the back of the car (in another video it shows it mounted close to one of...
  12. Dand

    The effects of fuel prices on driving styles

    After posting on another topic its got me thinking about how relaxing my drive was the other day. I had to travel to the family business which is roughly 30 miles away from home. I mostly use the A55 which normally is a giant ball of aggression due to people driving to fast, to slow, or in the...
  13. Dand

    What started your love for MB?

    What was it or what experience with an MB was it that made you become a fan and make you want to own your own MB? Im not sure if its been posted on here before so forgive me if it has but after seeing a similar post somewhere before it got me wondering what peoples stories were on here...
  14. Dand

    CLK c,locking causing embarrassment

    Hi there, I hope all are well. Its just a quick one wondering if anyone has any ideas bout what could be wrong with my 2000 (facelift) CLK 230. Ive been having a bit of trouble with the central locking where the key is working intermittently. It has no trouble starting the car. Sometimes it...
  15. Dand

    MB/AMG wheels on other cars?

    Lately when ive been pottering about and looking at cars on the internet ive notice quite a few quite a few cars that arent MB's are sitting on MB and AMG wheels. Its left me a bit puzzled, The cars look cared for and arent beaters where any old set of alloys with legal tires will do which...
  16. Dand

    Favorite car decade?

    Its a subject thats come up a few times at work so i was wondering what people thought on here. With me its the 1980's, Touring cars looked there coolest then. The super saloon breed was really kickin off (M5 and 300E Hammer). Super cars were looking more extreme (Testarossa and Countach)...
  17. Dand

    Kinda newbie from North Wales.

    Hi there, Im Dan and currently live on the coast of North Wales. I own a 2000 c208 230k elegance which ive owned for the past four and a bit years and have loved nearly every minute of it so far. Ive had my account for a while but have only just started using it after having a route around...
  18. Dand

    Pillar less rant

    Hi there all. I have a c208 CLK which i often turn into Mr ocd over as im on a mission to preserve it as much as possible. My problem is i run a bar and often give friends lifts home after they have had one or two sherberts and after telling them not to countless times not to :wallbash: i still...
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