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  1. Shala

    wanted, w202 c220 cdi auto in red, T,V,W reg

    hey guys, i used to have a red c180 before and it was written off. i loved it alot. Now I'm looking to get another one but in diesel so its more efficient. I need a low mileage one as I wanted to mod it like alloys and bodykit. thanks in advance Shala
  2. Shala

    W202 C220 CDI W reg red

    looking for a red c220 cdi on w202 shape. this is to replace 1 that was written off 4 years back. I am starting to miss it now. this is kind of how I want to make it
  3. Shala

    What do you want to know?

    How do I change the title of my thread? I wanted to change the price of the vehicle on the ad to £15k kind regards
  4. Shala

    For Sale: Mercedes S350 CDI 2010, 27.5k miles FSH £16,500 ono

    Willling to take £15k Hi guys, I'm willing to accept £15k for this now kind regards Shala
  5. Shala

    For Sale: Mercedes S350 CDI 2010, 27.5k miles FSH £16,500 ono

    Hi guys, After buying this car from mercedes last may I have to finally sell my pride & joy as I now have 4 children so need a bigger vehicle (Mercedes GL springs to mind). I've advertised it on Autotrader so added the link here to make it easy. its got 4 service from mercedes dealers and last...
  6. Shala

    need left wing mirror for W221 facelift s class

    hi guys, my wing mirror has been acting up since i purchased the car back in may, the mirror wouldn't go down as much as the right side would. also made noise when folding. it was only during winter i realised that its not demisting. I took it to mercedes las week and they said it needs a...
  7. Shala

    S Class W221 MPG

    Yes it's very good on long motorway drives. Its the local drives that kill the fuel :(
  8. Shala

    S Class W221 MPG

    Hi I got my s350 from mercedes in may and it's due c service in 18 days. In town. I.e local shopping and school run I get 19-21mpg if I stop at couple of traffic lights. I don't rev above 2k. When the car hits peak traffic I see 15mpg. I bought it as I say the car town mpg as 21mpg. Has the...
  9. Shala

    Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/55r18

    Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/45r18 Hello there, I'm looking for the best price for a replacement tyre. At the moment they're all Continental Contact 5. They're from Mercedes to I take it they're runflats. I'm in Southampton so looking for the best price...
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