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  1. Jonobigblind

    W205 C200 petrol MPG?

    The C250d is barely awake at 70, I manage to get up to low 70s MPG on a run like a nun. Regular trips with mixed driving get me high 50s - low 60s. Difference is half not a third by the way ;)
  2. Jonobigblind

    Passenger mirror dip in reverse

    Care to explain how my W205's mirror tilts when in reverse even though I don't have memory seats? :D
  3. Jonobigblind

    Internet connection in new C Class with iPhone and LED light settings

    Ok so it took me a minute to find the Internet option as haven't explored that before. I have my phone bluetoothed to the car for calls and when I activated my personal hotspot the car found it all ok. Took about 60-90 seconds to connect up and it started downloading the apps etc. No issues to...
  4. Jonobigblind

    Internet connection in new C Class with iPhone and LED light settings

    I'll pop out and have a look with mine and my iPhone 6 now. Will report back shortly.
  5. Jonobigblind

    C220 CDi Or C250 CDI - Advice please

    I'd second that having had both although I am comparing the W204 220 to the W205 250 so there is also a weight difference to take into account. Still think with 5,000 miles per year a petrol would be a better option as mentioned before. Happy driving whatever you decide :)
  6. Jonobigblind

    Patagonia Special TONITE!

    This show jumped the shark years ago when they stopped reviewing cars properly and turned it into a 20 odd episode pantomime. IMO 5th Gear has a much better formula and knocks spots off TG as a car programme. Much rather spend the time watching Harry's Garage on YouTube than tune in to their...
  7. Jonobigblind

    W205 Fuel Filler Flap

    wow, that's quite a difference. I'll have a trek out to my nearest BP garage in the New Year and take a look, thanks for the info.
  8. Jonobigblind

    Over and Under

    I think we should get some car stickers printed up for them...Middle Lane Owners Club - we can always give them a wide berth then, no matter which lane we pick ;)
  9. Jonobigblind

    C300 Hybrid

    Hi there, I haven't seen any on the roads just yet but think they were only launched towards the end of the summer so given the long build times I'd expect to see some on the roads in the coming month. Have you checked the E300 thread on this board for owner comments, MPG and general hybrid...
  10. Jonobigblind

    Start/Stop Problem 2014 E Class

    It didn't go off all through my W204 and Audi ownership, sometimes I just knock it off now to see the Eco thing kick in else I just see it as a pointless addition to the car. Much prefer the cabin with A/C on and auto temp control
  11. Jonobigblind

    W205 Fuel Filler Flap

    Hi there, haven't had any issues with mine as yet. Mostly fill with regular diesel from Chavsda as it's the closest to my house. Filled six times now (I think) and been slick and easy each time. As a separate point, how much difference do you find Ultimate diesel makes over regular? Cheers
  12. Jonobigblind

    Start/Stop Problem 2014 E Class

    The A/C kills my stop start possibilities in my C250 W205. Not such a bad thing as it can be a little too sensitive off the brake pedal so having the A/C on is a good moderator. Sometimes knock the A/C off but with the wet weather the windscreen doesn't usually take too long to start misting...
  13. Jonobigblind

    mpg comparison

    That's pretty good for starters. My two week old (1700 miles) C250 Bluetec has returned about 49mpg overall with the highest being 62 on a good run to Southampton. All figs taken from OBC. Pleased with that so far as it'll improve when it loosens up and also when I have my telematics fitted
  14. Jonobigblind

    W205 start stop

    The issues you mention shouldn't just be dismissed by the dealer like that. The fuel consumption seems low to me as well and I'm sure if they put it next to another model on the same run at the same time they'd see a difference. I don't have the same DAB issues although it is definitely more...
  15. Jonobigblind

    W205 start stop

    I posted some thoughts on my new car in another thread - apologies I can't link to it from this app. Worth checking out though as there are some positives and negatives from my point of view. Having had a C220 W204 and now having the 250 I'd recommend looking at the more powerful option as it...
  16. Jonobigblind

    W205 start stop

    Cheers for sharing. As I'm looking at this on the iPhone app I can't see your signature but doesn't hurt to get it checked out. I've done 1500 miles in the ten days I've had it so far and I can't grumble about the consumption for a new engine. OBC is telling me c.51mpg from new and I've had it...
  17. Jonobigblind

    W205 start stop

    It's a good shout but probably 1300 of my 1500 miles now have been in Eco mode where it is definitely switched on. It's just daft to see the yellow A on the instrument panel all the time so have now resorted to turning it off.
  18. Jonobigblind

    W205 start stop

    Cheers all, yes indeed just for clarity I meant the ability to recharge the 'start stop pot' when cruising down the motorway (there's a little charging indicator for the start stop function). Ah well it's been tested over a range of driving types and doesn't seem to want to play ball...
  19. Jonobigblind

    W205 start stop

    I've had my C250 Bluetec for a week now and clocked up just shy of 1,000 miles. Probably 50-66% of these on motorway or dual carriageway with some decent fuel economy to show for it. My (perceived) issue is that the start stop hasn't kicked in since the morning of day 2. I always have the...
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