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  1. SMed08

    W211 E55 Kerbweight with/without Panoramic?

    Thanks for the compliments. I wouldn't get too bogged down with what the scale says at the local recycling centre... I don't expect it to be super accurate. Even on the scales it fluctuated +/- 10kg
  2. SMed08

    e55 larger throttle body intake pipe

    You can use the original e55 y-pipe. I believe there's an inner ring you can remove, and it will then slip over the bigger 82mm TB
  3. SMed08

    W211 E55 Kerbweight with/without Panoramic?

    I weighed mine at 1860kg. That was with 1/3 tank, no sunroof, full interior, no spare tyre, but with lighter weight wheels. The total weight of the wheels I have now is 27.4kg lighter than OEM. So the weight should've read approximately 1887kg. My seats (non-dynamic, non-vented/cooled) weighed...
  4. SMed08

    Goodbye, S600. Hello, Tesla!

    This CL55 has a weistec? I think I saw him at Terminal Velocity, wasn't able to match my stock blower with 84mm pulley. Maybe it's having issues. Good looking car though, lots of potential.
  5. SMed08

    Silver E55.

    I've weighed mine and my driver seat was 27.6kg and the passenger seat was 29.3kg (it has the First Aid kit). These are non dynamic seats, and non-air cooled seats.
  6. SMed08

    Ginger ultra low milage E55

    Your last 55 getting faster every year, despite hitting 140k miles. :)
  7. SMed08

    AMG’s in Picture.....

  8. SMed08

    Two Tonne Bully

    Still out here. First time back since October. Still haven't cracked 10s yet, but getting closer. 11.1s at 127.3mph 60ft 1.71s Ambient Temp 19°C DA was +600ft Starting IAT 8°C Finishing IAT 52°C Very busy at the track, only managed 2 runs and struggling to launch on this track so early in the...
  9. SMed08

    E55K Brembo Discs at Eurocarparts

    Thanks for that. Eurocarparts don't have brembo rears, but Autodoc does.
  10. SMed08

    E55K Brembo Discs at Eurocarparts

    edit: nevermind
  11. SMed08

    Silver E55.

    Thanks Alex. I ran it October last year. Was a little frustrating because I hit the rev limiter on the 2-3 shift. I'd also gone another day with many kilos taken out, nice cold temps and strong tailwind at Santa Pod (which is quite rare), but it rained out. But hoping to go this Saturday if...
  12. SMed08

    PB5 long tube headers on e55

    Correct. They're anodised billet aluminium housing adjustable/serviceable polyurethane inserts.
  13. SMed08

    PB5 long tube headers on e55

    Sorry, I've barely been on here recently. The work done to modify your headers looks little better than mine. Do yours vibrate anywhere at all? I put 1cm shorter polyurethane engine mounts which completely solved my residual fitment issues on both the driver and passenger side.
  14. SMed08

    Silver E55.

    What you doing with your old headers? :D
  15. SMed08

    E service on CLS 55

    Good luck with the fuel filter. Not really a serviceable item in these cars. Officially, you need to buy an entire sending unit which is over £400, and a bit of a pain in the ass to change. You can just change the filter alone (which is very cheap), but you'll need to open the sending unit which...
  16. SMed08

    W211 E55 performance upgrades

  17. SMed08

    Youtube: E55 blown engine due to oil connector / o ring

    To also add, not only did he track race this car, it was also twin charged. As in he turbo charged and supercharged this engine. The amount of stress he put through his engine is unlike anything any other M113K engine will have experienced.
  18. SMed08

    Two Tonne Bully

    Very disappointed this weekend. Went to Santa Pod for the final track day of the year, and was rained out. Mostly disappointed as when it wasn't raining, the conditions were utterly perfect for a record setting run. It was very sunny (when it wasn't raining) and heating the track surface for...
  19. SMed08

    Holy fish tails!

    ESP in my E55 is pretty good at stopping this to be honest. I've only really had 1 or 2 moments like this, and I drive almost year round with semi-slick R888R's or Nankang AR1s, even in December/Jan. But ESP kicked and saved it long before I even got sideways.
  20. SMed08

    1/4mile and Perhaps Top speed List?

    Moving on up 1) 10.7 @ 134mph ACID MSL C63 Stage 3, 2) 11.01 @ 130mph CraigWeistecC63, Santapod & 194mph 1.3 Standing Mile @ Terminal Velocity 3) 11.04 @ 126mph, 60ft 1.63s, SMed08 E55K (Headers/cooling/68mm pulley/82mm throttle body/16" drag radials) 4) 11.13 @ 125mph e55k ACID MSL 5) 11.501...
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