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  1. Apial

    Respray estimates for non-corroded '91 C124

    Well here is a quick snap. 02 by Apial posted Jul 30, 2019 at 6:07 PM03 by Apial posted Jul 30, 2019 at 6:07 PM01 by Apial posted Jul 30, 2019 at 6:07 PM
  2. 01


    New wheel paint.
  3. 03


    Replacement rear window.
  4. 02


    Flash Paints mini restoration.
  5. Apial

    Respray estimates for non-corroded '91 C124

    Hi Ray, They are Flash Paints | Flash Paints. The owner has been spraying for 35 years and knows his stuff. He gave me an estimate at the start, and the price came out correct at the end even though I added a few little extra tasks for them to do. I certainly would use them again. The back...
  6. Apial

    Respray estimates for non-corroded '91 C124

    I just got my 300CE24 resprayed in Almandine. I didn't need the plastic bumpers or side panels doing because they were still mint. I bought two front wings from MB for exactly £400 the pair. The spray shop fitted them and repaired two spots of rust on the drivers door caused by plastic panel...
  7. Apial

    Genuine Autoparts?????

    The part arrived after 8 days due to a bit of a delay, but it was rerouted direct to the garage. The part weighed about 7kg and it cost just over £9 shipping by UPS. There was a MB parts label on it saying it was manufactured in Slovenia, and there was a protruding MB Star in the casting...
  8. Apial

    Genuine Autoparts?????

    Taxi Teile delivered my LCA for sports chassis in a week, but Parcelforce tracking was useless. All it said was arrived at "National Hub", and then jumped to "delivered " 2 days later. Unfortunately seem to use Parcelforce for the UK part of the journey. I have ordered the other side...
  9. Apial

    Genuine Autoparts?????

    I spoke to an Australian lady at their call centre, and she could not answer my question about the part number but told me to email them and wait for a reply. I'm still waiting! I asked her why there was no VAT charged, and she said it was because her head office was not in the EU. It looks...
  10. Apial

    Genuine Autoparts?????

    I just ordered a lower control arm from after reading one of your posts. How long do they usually take to deliver once you have ordered? Another hour and I would have ordered from, but as they did not reply to my email...
  11. Apial

    Ebola, worring times

    14 days since your last post and the deaths have now exceeded 10,000. Would anyone care to guess the toll in another 14 days time?
  12. Apial

    Ebola, worring times

    Air France flight with 180 quarantined in Madrid Airport. Morocco withdraws as 2015 Africa Cup of Nations host over ebola. More panic? Uk Govt and Welcome Foundation pledge £10 million for vaccine cure. Facebook founder pledges $10million for vaccine. Even more panic? Then panic is...
  13. Apial

    Ebola, worring times

    The unfolding story is now that a second Texas healthcare worker is infected and has just been on a plane with 132 passengers who they are now desperately trying to trace. You just couldn't make it up. So far the USA has also doubled the number of cases in less than 20 days and that's with full...
  14. Apial

    Ebola, worring times

    So as the World population is around 7 billion, before Xmas 2015, we will all have been infected and 50% of us dead according to a worst case scenario! This of course depends on the doubling time of deaths to be 20 days. This has so far not been the case in Nigeria, where the death rate...
  15. Apial

    Ebola, worring times

    I thought that the number of deaths was doubling every 20 days? If that is correct, would anyone care to estimate how many deaths might be expected over the next 12 months, and also how long might it be before everyone has been infected?
  16. Apial

    Homemade Curry. What do you use?

    The Curry Secret is available on the Kindle and it is highly recommended.
  17. Apial

    Thoughts on Audi A1?

    Two stroke?
  18. Apial

    The BRIDGE.

    The Porsche must have good winter tyres. They even manage to make good screech stops on snow!
  19. Apial

    Avoid medical interventions on a Friday.

    And what would you like to say? 70% of UK medical student applicants are female according to an Oxford admissions interviewer. The question posed was how would you encourage more male applicants? Worryingly, 67% of doctors employed by the NHS are foreign, yet places at medical schools are...
  20. Apial

    Home security

    We had an alarm and CCTV but were still broken into through the roof. The alarm failed to trigger initially giving the thieves time to attack a safe until they got too cocky and triggered the alarm giving them sufficient time to make their escape. Due to excellent CCTV with recorded audio...
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