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  1. hindesbeans

    Black projector halo headlights on slk230

    Thanks m2287, car looks good. I'm near Huntingdon how about yourself?
  2. hindesbeans

    Black projector halo headlights on slk230

    Thanks Mocas, they look very nice and probably tbh what i will end up buying, but im just curious as to what the black ones would look like, i just cant find a pic anywhere. i just get a feeling that teamed up with a black finned grill similar to the one in the pic you linked, they might just...
  3. hindesbeans

    Black projector halo headlights on slk230

    Hi all has anybody got any pics they could share of a silver R170 with these Beauties fitted please Mercedes Benz SLK Black Projector Halo Headlights R170 on eBay (end time 23-Feb-11 13:45:30 GMT) Like the look of them just stuggleing to see them on the car :thumb: Many thanks
  4. hindesbeans

    Why do (some) Mercedes Dealers treat you so well?

    My local dealership is peterborough and they are always very pleasant and helpful, coffee and pastries are always offered, seating is comfortable, clean with a selection of the days newspapers. Regardless of whether you are there for a service, mot, or some work, they always give the car a...
  5. hindesbeans

    asian wedding reception caterers

    Hi We used the roti bar in peterborough for our catering, the food was exceptional and at a price that wasnt out of this world. i dont know where you are based but i know he travels all over the country catering for weddings Top class and definately worth a call 01733 349349 Hope everything...
  6. hindesbeans

    Chrome door handle trim?!?!?

    Paint them myself it is, thanks all from saving me from making what would appear to have been, a horrific Chrome mistake.
  7. hindesbeans

    Chrome door handle trim?!?!?

    Okay seems not to be a popular choice, im trying to give the door handles a more coded look to the silver door as opposed to having great bid chunks of BLACK handle on each door. Maybe the way to go is to either get some pre-painted handles off of a facelift R170 (been looking but cant find...
  8. hindesbeans

    Chrome door handle trim?!?!?

    Hello All does anybody have any experience of chrome door handle trim like this one which i am considering MERCEDES SLK CHROME DOOR HANDLE TRIM , 96 - 04 . on eBay (end time 14-Mar-11 20:32:23 GMT) obviously these one's are for an slk but they are available for most models. anybody know if...
  9. hindesbeans

    Leaking slk

    Hi all, I bought a 1999 R170 last weekend and it has developed leaks :doh: First leak (day 2 of ownership) was a small puddle on shelf above seatbelt harness on drivers side. This leak has not happened again Second leak (day 3) was on passenger side from hinge in roof, dripping onto...
  10. hindesbeans

    Converting W211 Xenon Headlamps For Driving in Europe

    Hello all, I realise this thread is 2 years old but it did help me locate the leavers on my w211 xenon lights. It is worth mentioning though that the lever is positioned differently on each light. Passenger side. Remove the cover and the lever is on the left hand side of the light (rad side...
  11. hindesbeans

    Bubbly/Rusty Arches - W220 - only a 2001?

    Hi Ronildo you need to act quick as your car is either very near to being 8years old or is already 8years old. once past its 8th birthday merc wont help at all!!! i recently took my car to MB in Peterborough aged 7years 11months and 1week old and the paint guy there Stuart was brilliant...
  12. hindesbeans

    whats it worth?

    Hi There Dave, the px price is against a 3 yo E220cdi. initial offer for the C200k was just 3k but as i pointed out to them it has come out of their bodyshop looking as good as new. So they alledgedly made a few calls to independants that they deal with and managed to secure £3500. BTB 500 is...
  13. hindesbeans

    whats it worth?

    Hi Darrell, i quite agree that for a premium brand this amount of rust is totally unacceptable, :crazy: but it seems the cost cutting days are over now and the quality has returned.:bannana: As for getting the corrosion warranty work done only with full MB service history, this is not the...
  14. hindesbeans

    whats it worth?

    Hi Mercedes have offered me £3500 for my Blue 51 plate C200K as seen here. It Has just recieved the following all under 8 year good will corrosion warranty. 2x brand new front wings 2x rear wheel arches repaired boot lid repaired around stop lamp all 4 door bottom door sills repaired. It is...
  15. hindesbeans

    E220 bhp??

    Hello all i am on the verge of buying a 56 plate E220 cdi but i am confused as to what the bhp is! if you take a look on autotrader, some are advertised as 150bhp and some 170bhp. Then if you put a reg number into a insurance site for a quote on a (autotrader) 170bhp car, it may well tell you...
  16. hindesbeans

    C320cdi sports pack 2006 Hi's and Lo's thoughts please!

    Seriously considering updating and getting a C320cdi sports pack on or around 2006. can you share any thoughts with me about known problems!! equally anything that you feel is quite special about the C320. Any alternative recommendations welcomed. need to be same size or larger than C...
  17. hindesbeans

    Knocking from behind dash???? Anyone help!!!

    Alexander, i didnt realise there were different flaps to choose from!! If i took the car to my local garage how would they find out which one it is before pulling the dash to bits? Also 2 - 8 hrs labour, why is there such a massive time variance? Thanks Danny
  18. hindesbeans

    Knocking from behind dash???? Anyone help!!!

    Thanks Guys for your quick reply's it does sound like the flap servo motor or the stepper motor! it is there on most start ups today, it does only last for about 30 seconds but the knock is more like once every 2-3 seconds? not 1-2 times per second, would it still be the flap in question...
  19. hindesbeans

    Knocking from behind dash???? Anyone help!!!

    Good evening today i have had a strange knocking/clonking noise start, and it is coming from behinde the dash. I am sure it is in some way related to the heater fan as when it clonks, the fan definately reduces then slowly picks up again until....clonk then dips again... so on so on anybody...
  20. hindesbeans

    Life insurance, do you have it????

    THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH How many of you have life insurance to cover your mortgage in event of your or your spouses death??? Just yes or no will do, but please share your reasons if you like.
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