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    C63 Car Shopping at the weekend

    You can download the owners manuals for most models over the last decade or so from the website Just put the year & model in the dropdowns and away you go [separate manuals exist for the car itself & the COMAND system]
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    Amazing performance

    I ran a 54 plate one of these for a few years (sold it last November) & the performance is amazing - certainly higher than the 500bhp quoted which was purely to keep the CL55 AMG owners happy as their engine was quoted as 500bhp. In reality the 600 was quicker - also helped by a greater torque...
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    Maybe just me but Audi indicator lamps are annoying

    I'm not a lover of the sweeping indicators either, but each to their own - the bottom line is that they attract your attention to the fact a car is about to "turn/cut you up" which is surely the purpose. My pet peeve are the cars which have the rear indicator set within the brake light (some...
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    Mercedes tyre 'skipping' - official statement

    I haven't been on here for a little while as I sold the CL600 and got an Audi S8. Have to say, despite the fact it's four wheel drive and features reasonably large tyres (275/35 20") all round I don't got this issue at all. That said, I've got a turning circle akin to your average oil tanker...
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    Over-egged 126

    Where to you've all called out, the chrome arches, the clear front indicators, the facelift doorcards and seats, the cheap taiwanese crystal style rear lights, halfords floor mats, gold badges, the grill, the wheels (mexican hat yes, that tat. Really...
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    End of Terrestrial F1

    Leftfield idea here - just popped into my head & has been subject to zero thought. How about if every team was only allowed to enter a single car. Gets rid of the tactical in-fighting and means the driver and manufacturer have the same goal to win every race. Have the test driver in the wings...
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    End of Terrestrial F1

    It all comes down to money.... An interesting quote came from Sir Peter Bazalgette at the Royal Television Society Awards a couple of days ago. He said that 24% of the annual money we spend on content for our TV screens (terrestrial & satellite) pays for football which has an audience of approx...
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    CL600 - do ex-owners regret owning or selling?

    I'm happy to share my experience - my daily driver is a 54 plate W215 CL600 that I've owned about 2.5 years. It's black on black with the staggered 19" AMG alloys and brakes. Just before I bought it the previous owner spent about 3k on coil packs and a replacement shock. Since then I've...
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    Car History

    Vauxhall Carlton 2 Litre (1983) Vauxhall Carlton 2.2 CDi (1984) Jaguar Series III Sovereign 4.2 (1986) Jaguar XJS 3.6 (1989) Vauxhall Senator 3.0 CD (1990) [a lot of company cars in this gap, mainly Golf GTi's] Jaguar XJS 4.0 (1993) Jaguar XJR (1996) BMW 840 (1996) BMW 740 Sport E38...
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    Now that is tempting....I agree that the guide price is on the low side - the only two I've seen offered for sale in the past 12 months have been asking 15-17k. It looks spectacular too, especially on those standard issue CL65 split rims, personally the only thing I'm not too keen on is the...
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    cl600 - CL65 ...

    It's a shame the wrong figures are quoted as its casts suspicion over what looks to be a well sorted car. You'll see the seller mentions the coil packs and the dreaded oil seal have all been replaced. That said, I don't know why someone would lavish so much love on a pre-facelift W215 with...
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    Goodbye E55, hello CL55

    Very nice choice of car, especially the colour (mine is black on black too). Regarding "Keyless Go", as a number of people have said, the later versions had it integrated into the key - mines a 54 plate and is like that. The Sat Nav is the giveaway on this. When the car was originally...
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    What a dilemma - which one to get CL55 / SL55 ?!?

    Don't rule out the CL600 either - it's twin-turbo V12 is quicker than it's AMG badged V8 supercharged stable mate. As mentioned though, they can be a bit of a money pit. ABC errors can be costly, electrical gremlins aren't exactly unusual (albeit a lot can be remedied with a new battery) &...
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    Cl420 6500 miles just over £18k and its yours

    That price is just mad. I bought one of those from jay a few years back, 420CL, 1996 on a P, silver with orion grey leather. If memory serves me right it had just over 100k on the clock when I bought it & around 120k when I sold it two years later. The interior was perfect & the exterior just...
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    Ex-Casino Royale S600?

    Run a google search for Mercedes M137 engine issues which I believe was only manufactured between 98 & 02. Problems with the cylinder shutdown feature failing are documented as are problems with oil seals on the oil cooler failing. Replacement involves taking off the cylinder heads. There are...
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    C140 cl600 amg

    To be clear on my post above, the 1800 was for a new wiper motor on a 420 CL C140, which at the time was about a third of the value of the car.
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    C140 cl600 amg

    I had an invoice with mine for a new windscreen wiper motor fitted by Mercedes. Including labour & VAT it came to an eye watering 1,800 so I agree the big bills can soon come along. (My current 600 CL has had about 6k spent on it in the past year, so it's clearly a CL family trait!)
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    Ride quality W124 vs W126 vs W140

    Apologies for the delay - just saw this. My C140 was a 420 CL with the standard 18 inch alloys, my 600 CL has the staggered 19" set with ABC suspension. Being the 600 the ABC suspension settings comfort/sport are [I think] approx. 25% softer than those of the AMG. Personally I tend to drive...
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    C140 cl600 amg

    Admittedly this one is a CL 500 rather than the 600, but for half the price & still a lovely looking thing if its anything like as nice as the pictures Mercedes CL500 W140 model low mileage For Sale (1998) on Car And Classic UK [C524069] The 600 looks amazing & does tempt me. I previously...
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    Ex-Casino Royale S600?

    Bear in mind that car doesn't have the M275 5.5 litre twin turbo engine. It's the previously very unloved 5.8L 360bhp variety which featured the six cylinder shutdown to improve fuel economy which often ended up with oil supply issues.
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