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  1. The Boss

    New G Class - Completely new Model

    Now that is a very nice new car. The design was never gonna be a radical departure from the existing model and the front headlights could have actually been smaller opposed to bigger.. but i love the exterior. The interior on the other hand really makes it look quite cheap IMHO. Lots of praise...
  2. The Boss

    2018 Mercedes S Class Facelift Photos Leaked

    and S560.. wow now that is a blast from the past.. i remember 560SEC from the late 80's.. what a beast of a car
  3. The Boss

    w212 DRL lighting

    my drivers side drl light has stopped working. changed the fitting, still not working.. any idea on the fuse perhaps or SAM? let me know guys
  4. The Boss

    who has a fitted w124 wiesmann hardtop ??

    hello, i would love to consider meeting up for this some time if the offer still stands
  5. The Boss

    who has a fitted w124 wiesmann hardtop ??

    no sorry
  6. The Boss

    awesome work on my 212 by Tony Fowkes Automobiles

    Alright folks So a quick write up on recent works to my 212 recently, was lightly shunted to the rear of my car and put it through 3rd party insurance. Have used Andy here before but it had been a while since we last met and i knew i would want to use him the damage was light, but he managed...
  7. The Boss

    2016 W213 E-Class - Revealed

    awight lads. hows tricks.. long time.. hope you all are well. so.. i saw the 213 in the flesh today.. my oh my it is one extremely dull looking car and i know you all may think i will go and buy one soon etc etc.. but seriously.. i went to look, not a single line was exciting, it was dull...
  8. The Boss

    It's not a Benz

    amazed how similar the tail of the m3 and m5 are... great spend on the design budget..
  9. The Boss

    W212 Grille

    where you based? i have one
  10. The Boss

    2016 W213 E-Class - Revealed

    in the basic spec, the instrument binacle is sooooo dissapointing
  11. The Boss

    2016 W213 E-Class - Revealed

    nope... told it wont be here
  12. The Boss

    2016 W213 E-Class - Revealed

    so some feedback.. as i have been following the 213 closely 1. very conservative, which in todays landscape may not work, however i think its more timeless in its lines.. perhaps like how the 125 and 124 had a shard shoulder line through the body. 2. the headlamps, as intelligent as they...
  13. The Boss

    w205 c class collected new years eve

    I think so
  14. The Boss

    w205 c class collected new years eve

    bumper is different, bonnet i believe the same :)
  15. The Boss

    w205 c class collected new years eve

    ofcourse.. happy new year to you too down in the garage few months back
  16. The Boss

    w205 c class collected new years eve

    hello thanks colour is Tenorite Grey with red leather interior Wheels.. will have to see once we have had some drives.. brabus carbon vinyl.. haha.. no. The icing on the cake would have been the classic grille with the bonnet-mounted star - well this is in the works.. for now...
  17. The Boss

    w205 c class collected new years eve

    Happy New Year everyone wish you a great 2016. Sooo here she is.. finally with us at home.. picked up new years eve 2015 very happy and would highly recommend Mercedes-Benz Slough
  18. The Boss

    w205 19" alloy wheel swop anyone for 18" alloys

    so the car still has not arrived. but i got some pics of her from sales guy taken from the prep area.. 19" look good - lets see how they ride.
  19. The Boss

    E Class Interiors - Then And Now

    the cleanest dash design by FAR was the w124.. obviously i am going to say that. the 210 is my second choice interior ofcourse.
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