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  1. eundaddy

    w210 rust removal

  2. eundaddy

    Engine bay pressure washing / steaming and foaming question

    if you remove the airbox and make sure that the maf and alternator is completely covered, you will be fine.
  3. eundaddy

    Engine clean

    that's sparkling, i wouldnt worry about trying to get it any cleaner
  4. eundaddy

    Don't you just love bodyshops sometimes....

    i wonder how the shop missed this
  5. eundaddy

    dealing with scratches right through the clearcoat

    much improved, good job!
  6. eundaddy

    Side skirts on w202 C43 AMG?

    removing the sideskirts is fairly easy. a good piece of mind.
  7. eundaddy

    Retro-fit W124 Head Light Wash Wipe, HLWW

    the trim with the holes predrilled are quite cheap. you can also just mask with 3m painters tape and drill yourself though. just be careful.
  8. eundaddy

    A different approach to rusty arches-Advice

    i believe druk is right, i've used por15 on 90's hondas and they work great.
  9. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    Ahh, thanks. I've decided to have BRABUSK8 order me the OEM ones at the 40% discounted rate. Hope everything goes well!
  10. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    i wanted the clears, but ill buy your amber ones if they're in descent shape. post up pics here or email them to me ehshin86@gmail.
  11. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    Yea, i'm looking to stay OEM. the ebay store here has knock offs as well.
  12. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    they seem nice, but it doesnt seem like they're OEM?
  13. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    i tried looking up the part numbers on that site and it didnt show! darn!
  14. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    hey guys, the dealers on this side of the pond tell me that they are unable to order the clear OR the amber indicators for my W202 due to some safety restriction. im pretty sure it has to do with reflecting material being absent in the euro versions of the blinker. the US has these ugly...
  15. eundaddy

    D:Class Alcantara Headlining

    that looks wonderful. how much did this cost u?
  16. eundaddy

    w202 estate sun blind?

    im sorry for posting on an old thread but i've run across a bit of a problem. im trying to fit the electric sunblind in my c43 saloon and from reading up i need the electric sunblind, wiring harness, and the centre plate. but i came across two part numbers for the electric sunblind. part...
  17. eundaddy

    w202 estate sun blind?

    andy, how did u get a button on your center console? i thought on the c43 there werent any free places for one. do you mind posting a pic of your install? i hope you still have the car!!!
  18. eundaddy

    C43 Caliper Removal Help

    What size are the two guide pins behind the caliper for its removal? I tried 8mm but it was too big. Should I buy a 7mm?
  19. eundaddy

    Say "NO" to Bonnet Flat Badges

    i think you should stick with the rule of one star. if u like the bonnet star, replace with a starless grille.
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