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  1. Madferrit

    Derren Brown: The Heist

    I missed it last night.. and a lot of the radio shows were talking about it today. Many people saying its some of the best tv for ages... So, if you, like me, missed it yesterday.. you can watch it again on E4 tomorrow night. Friday 6th January 21:00 Derren Brown: The Heist The...
  2. Madferrit

    Motor/ Fan running on a W210?

    I've got a strange sound from the engine of the W210 (E220 cdi). I initially noticed it when i would switch off the engine and as i lock the car i'd notice as if a motor or fan is running somewhere near the drivers side headlight/ arch. It'll run for up to 5 mins and then switch off. More...
  3. Madferrit

    A little boy explains..

    ..what he saw while watching a movie with his mom. Click Link :) [This video IS office safe, enjoy!!(includes you too Zooman)] :D
  4. Madferrit

    The Maze - Game

    Can't beat the games on zoomans forum, but it'll help pass a few minutes of your day. Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for anyone getting fired, having their contracts terminated early, or the wife/ girlfriend/ etc walking out on them. Now we have that out of the way, You can...
  5. Madferrit

    Space Cadets

    Anyone watch Space Cadets last night? Looks like a breath of fresh air compared to other "reality" tv shows on at the moment so I might be hooked, we'll have to wait and see. Whats your views?
  6. Madferrit

    Does anyone remember Village conversions?

    Back in 1985 when I was a little bit younger and had a fascination with BMW's (god only knows why), i always used to turn my nose up to Mercs. For me, they were an 'old mans car' and there was no way i could have liked them. Then I remember buying a car mag and seeing an advert for a company...
  7. Madferrit

    Password protecting internet access

    Have broadband connected to a PC and would like to restrict access from the PC to the internet by password only, without affecting any of the other programs that need the net. Is it possible? I have Norton installed on it as well, so if there is a way to set that to do this task, that would...
  8. Madferrit

    Final farewell to Rover

    Saw this on another forum. Pics of the remains of the Longbridge plant. Rover Longbridge Plant
  9. Madferrit

    Any Wireless Modem deals?

    I'm looking for 4 wireless modem/ routers. Anyone seen any good deals around? Doesn't specifically have to be anything branded but i want fairly good coverage and has to be a doddle to set up and maintain. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Madferrit

    Its a bit...

    ... quiet in here since Word Association stopped. :( Has everyone realised that they had work to do? or does the world of MB motoring seem very quiet these days? :rolleyes:
  11. Madferrit

    CLK Cabrio £4500

    Whats the story here? A mate of mine is serious that he wants to buy this.. but i'm telling him that its got hijacked account written all over it! Link Am I right?
  12. Madferrit

    Last registered W202?

    I think i may have spotted the very last registered W202 (C Class) I've seen it twice now in Greenford, NW London, and its silver RHD but on a 52 plate! Surely thats like a year and a half after the new model came onto the market! Any idea what thats all about?
  13. Madferrit

    TomTom going a bit loopy!

    Not sure if this was just happening to my TomTom (Pocket PC version) or if something was going wrong up in the sattelites.. but on Wednesday night as i was driving into London according to my GPS i was driving at 430mph :devil: starting somewhere between England and France and making my...
  14. Madferrit

    V280 Gearbox issues

    I've been reading through some of the old threads and can't seem to find anything that relates to the problems i'm encountering.. hence i hope this post hasn't been answered before! Problem: Have been driving the V280 uptil last weekend and everything is fine. On Saturdayi started to get a...
  15. Madferrit

    Setting up webcast

    Having a surprise 70th b'day for my father this weekend and was thinking if it would be possible to link my webcam to my pc to beam live footage of the event over the net, for relatives who live in foreign countries to see? :rolleyes: I have an 8mb connection at home.. and a pretty decent...
  16. Madferrit

    Speed up Firefox

    Got this from another forum, and it seems to work well for me. 1.Type "about:config" into the address bar and hit return. Scroll down and look for the following four entries: a) network.http.pipelining b) network.http.proxy.pipelining c) network.http.pipelining.maxrequests d)...
  17. Madferrit

    More EBay woes?

    Have i been done? Bought a mouse for my laptop last week. Did all the usual checks; 1-Seller has more than a few ebay points (in this case 1051) 2-Seller has minimum negativity 3-UK Seller 4-E-mailed seller prior to completing transaction to confirm existance Bought the item, and...
  18. Madferrit

    Req Help: video project

    Hi Guys n Gals Need help with a video project. Scenario is as follows; Planning to celebrate my fathers 70th in a few weeks time, and have opted to do it all at home. Will be hosting a band to sing for the evenings entertainment. A fair number of people expected and so will be capturing...
  19. Madferrit

    Soot in exhaust?

    Gave my 220 CDi w210 to "Mercs Only" for a B service and a few other bits. When i got the car back it was running very very slow. Barely got above 30 and thats at full throttle :crazy: Called them up and they said it might be the turbo. So i took the car back and they kept it another day...
  20. Madferrit

    Car leasing/ Contract Hire

    Looking to get a new V Class (Vaneo or Viano.. still not figured out which one it is :crazy: ) on contract hire or leasing. Has anyone got any companies they can recommend? Any help would be appreciated. Also, is it worth going through with a maintenance agreement as well?
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