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  1. flying haggis

    Ferrari's don't float...

    or electric cars
  2. flying haggis

    Ferrari's don't float...

    Us, utimately.......
  3. flying haggis

    Even more new jokes...

    A school for blind children is returning by coach from a day trip to the beach with two male teachers. As they near the journey end one teacher asks the other, "were earlier getting back than we expected, theres a good pub just coming up do you fancy stopping for a pint?" The other teacher...
  4. flying haggis

    Really Really Stupid People

    i have a pin from a fire extinguisher on my key ring for just this. used to be bl**dy useful when filling the 400L truck tank (glad the company paid for the fuel)
  5. flying haggis

    How to keep the lights in the footwell on all the time? (W212)

    but i thought they had lights under the car
  6. flying haggis

    Really Really Stupid People

    presumably if it did just run out of fuel the insurance could refuse to pay out as it was the drivers own fault
  7. flying haggis

    Dont mess with the Norwegian police

    as a friend of mine remarked norways version of the sweeney and they "aint had their breakfast yet"
  8. flying haggis

    Dont mess with the Norwegian police

    now if our lot could do the same....
  9. flying haggis

    Pet hates

    "new and improved" NO NO NO if it was new you cant have improved it and if you have improved it it wasnt bl**dy new to start with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. flying haggis

    Things you would like but can't get anymore

    Bournville dark chocolate when it used to be two thin bars in one wrapper. Much nicer than todays stuff.
  11. flying haggis

    What won’t you drink?

  12. flying haggis

    What food do you dislike?

    you dont like jelly??!!
  13. flying haggis

    Household electrical switch question

    that switch is a 20A flex outlet usually used for storage heaters. you could replace it like for like or you could fit a fused connection unit as it is supplying an immersion. like for like switch(cable exits from the bottom instead of the front)Click Mode 20A DP Switch Neon Flex Outlet fused...
  14. flying haggis

    Anyone here living in a Grade 11 thatched cottage?

    "conservation" officers love making you spend money. i wouldnt touch a listed building with a bargepole.
  15. flying haggis

    comand nav not picking up satellites

    just an update on the ongoing saga and a thanks to everyone especially Alfie. i bought a mercedes gps aerial, that was like a small bar of chocolate in size, and tried that. the comand unit sensed the new aerial. picked up several satellittes and the time details. so far so good. i stuck the...
  16. flying haggis

    "Emmett's" black C-class gets "slurried".

    nobody on here was it??
  17. flying haggis

    Obsessive Research!

    not sure about the cable colour though...........
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