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    Thoughts on Diesel engined cars being banned very soon.

    The EU politicians decided that the way to reduce pollution was to fine car manufactures from 2020 for exceeding an overall average of 95g / km of CO2 - as diesels generally have a lower CO2 emission than petrols the manufacturers churned out diesels and hence the market is flooded with them...
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    Used car residuals?

    A salesman told me that the way to get the best deal is to ask only what the cost to change is - the salesman normally has to decide whether you are the type of person who wants a bargain on the replacement or thinks their car is worth a lot more than it is to the trade - by giving the cost to...
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    C350e owners club

    A half way house may be a BMW 545e - rumoured to be available later this year - V6 petrol plug-in with a real world range of about 40 miles.
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    C350e Advice & Opinions!

    I had a C350e and E350e - both were trouble-free, but I switched to a new BMW 530e mainly as their battery warranty is much better than Merc's. Merc's warranty is only against total failure in the 6 years but BMW's is warranted to be no less than 70%. If I were buying a C350e 3+ years old then I...
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    Jag to Merc

    The sales lady may have warned you off as delivery times for the plug-in hybrids were ridiculous last year. I looked to replace my E350e last July and earliest delivery was March this year. For that reason I went for a BMW 530e. I had a C350e from Sept 2015 and the E350e from March 2018. They...
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    First they came for...

    I find it interesting that she has toured the world to spread “the word” but she hasn’t been invited or visited China - In addition to roughly 1,000 gigawatts of existing coal capacity, China has 121 gigawatts of coal plants under construction, which is more than is being built in the rest of...
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    Goodbye Mercedes

    All I can say to that is that luckily not all manufacturers think like that and are happy to provide the options that buyers want, rather than dictated to by ‘packages’. How are the sales doing on the E & S Class ?
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    Goodbye Mercedes

    JBD. That really is my point ...... coming at the facelift months ahead. BMW treat their 5 Series as a junior 7 and pass down all the ‘tech’ to it first, Merc seem to have decided that the E Class should come after the A, B, CLA - cars circa 50% of the cost of an optioned E Class. I so much...
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    Goodbye Mercedes

    Sorry - I didn’t make it clear that the limit that doesn’t work as well is the standard one, not the one in Driving Assistance. The standard Merc one does brake to keep you within the limit whereas the BMW doesn’t. Also, it’s too easy to override the BMW one. I took 2 people with me in the back...
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    Goodbye Mercedes

    I won't change my driving style just because I am in a Beemer. There's a lot of poor Merc drivers about as well !
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    Goodbye Mercedes

    The Driver's profile saves much more than just seat positions. I really liked the Merc cabin, the BMW one is far more 'driver' focused which I am enjoying, probably because it's new to me. The semi autonomous driving is as good, if not better than the Merc. BMW's standard speed limiter isn't as...
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    Would appreciate some guidance please!

    DriceTheDeal have good discounts on C Classes. Entry level C200 SE £ 27.5k after £ 8.5k discount. You could PCP DriveTheDeal have good discounts on C Classes. Entry level C200 SE £ 27.5k after £ 8.5k discount. You could PCP at that price
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    Goodbye Mercedes

    Upfront I need to say I have had 6 Mercedes from new - needless to say I have always been very happy with them. I have had 2 CLK’s, an E Class Coupe, a CLS, a C350e and an E350e. I wanted to change my E350e for a new E300e but Merc couldn’t deliver within 8 months and I couldn’t live with...
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    C350e owners club

    Unfortunately the Merc Battery Warranty only covers total failure, not battery degradation. BMW & Tesla warrant battery degradation over 30%. It’s a major reason for me px’ing my E350e against a new 530e. There are a number of posts on here about claiming on the hybrid / battery or I should say...
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    Discount on nearly new merc

    DriveTheDeal has new E220 SE PP’s with no options for £ 32k. With metallic & comfort pack £ 34k. Potential problem though is Merc delivery times on E Classes seem to be far too long so you’ll need to check that (not with the dealer you are currently negotiating with !). I have bought 6 New...
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    WBAC Ridiculous offer?

    As it’s used, the original price had the VAT in it
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    Command Online Issues/Radio App

    Comand doesn’t ‘expire’ it’s just the live traffic feed which is a subscription. Comand should work without the live traffic feed. When did the renewed subscription expire - it must have been renewed in 2017 - for how long ?
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    WBAC Ridiculous offer?

    Why would you need to knock the VAT off - the cost of the car is the cost paid - all cars have VAT on them and if it is used and “vat qualifying” the dealer has to charge VAT. Residual values have nothing to do with VAT, selling the car is all about the market - at the moment, the car market is...
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    WBAC Ridiculous offer?

    The list prices are pure fiction and despite this, taxes are calculated on them. So, you buy a new car, optioned up and you get the DriveTheDeal type price and pay £ 30k. List including options is £ 41k - you pay additional road tax and personal tax (if a company car) so the government are...
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    2016 CLS 350d 1 year of ownership cost review

    I am buying the 530e as a company car, the E350e is one. I am looking to close the business and get the assets (including the car) under entrepreneurial relief. So, by buying now I can offset 100% of the cost to change against corporation tax (its below 50 emissions) and then get the car for 10%...
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