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    GLC rear pads

    Apparently my GLC needs new rear pads after just 21k mikes from new. Warning popped up on dash a week or so again, dealer had it today and says it needs new rear pads, I'm somewhat stunned, 21k......surely they are, ok. Whats more they want some silly sum of money to fit the...
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    GLC Crabbing/knocking - Update

    So I know there's been plenty of threads on here with owners complaining about the GLC Crabbing, me included! It seems MB now accept it's an issue and have a part resolution - apologies if this is well known. I mentioned it when it went in for service and got the customary fob's a...
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    Detailing - load of tosh

    Perfect timing Mine has been having it's "Winter Detail" today using all sorts of weird and wonderful products like GT Technic. In my eyes it's just getting a bloody good clean and polish with some decent materials, by someone who takes pride in what they do and has the (is being paid to) 7...
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    Child car seat - which one?

    My daughter is 10 mo the old and we just bought her the new I size recarro. It's pricey but brilliant.....recarro zero.1 Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Knocking on steering on new GLC

    I agree I've had this before on a Disco 3 and an XC90, even a Superb V6 4x4 to some degree, however never in the same league of annoyance it is on the GLC, also it was always a constant across conditions and direction of lock which is not the case on the GLC It does seem strange that if this...
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    Not the way to treat your 1 week old merc

    No sympathy. They should also pursue him for costs and lost revenue on the tram service.
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    Is This The Worse Mercedes Repair Ever ?

    If it's a bigger dealer group see if they have a regional manager and escalate.
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    Knocking on steering on new GLC

    They have told you to change the tyres? Are they having a laugh? Much as a winter set of tyres isn't a bad idea that's a hell of an outlay which may or may not solve the 'issue' on a 40k car manufactured by them and behaving in an abnormal manner......I can't begin to thing what I would say if...
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    The Grand Tour - will you be watching?

    Brilliant first 'episode', very funny, very entertaining and typical of Clarkson, may and Hammond.
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    Knocking on steering on new GLC

    So I thought I resurrect this thread to see if anything ever came of it. I'm now pretty much 8.5 months and 7500 miles into owning my GLC 250 with 20s. I had some trepidation when picking the car up after reading this thread and some relief when I didn't seem to suffer the symptoms, OK there...
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    GLC 250d 10k miles in

    3500 miles on mine now and still impressed, the toys are good, it drives well and the Burmeister is excellent. I have been fortunate enough to experience 1, 2 or 3. Agree with 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 :-) Not experienced 9 and the tyre wear on mine e is good and brakes have settled well. I haven't...
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    Rant alert - Utter intelligence insulting rubbish from Mercedes Benz?

    Also try googling the original reg, I did this after being told a Skoda Superb 4x4 V6 Estate I bought used was originally a press car, sure enough I found it on a segment of 5th gear footage!
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    Drive the Deal Alternatives

    I used carwow and I guess it's a case of market economics really, of course I accept the Carowow, DTD approach etc benefits the bigger dealer groups who potentially secure bigger discounts due to the volume of units they shift. That aid I will always give my local dealer a chance to quote and...
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    Lead time for new C class , 5 months!!!!

    Sadly yes, some very good cars let down by Skoda UK seemingly unable to organise a piss up in a brewery. You'd have hoped they had learnt from the VRS fiasco but it seems not.
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    Lead time for new C class , 5 months!!!!

    Ordered a mk3 Oct VRS whwn they first came out and gave up at the point of still not having fun a clue of delivery date after 5 months, bought the run out C250 instead and now in the GLC so really Skoda UKs fault I'm in me 2nd Merc.
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    There's one kicking around here, it's a white RR Sport with Black bonnet/roof stripe bit like a Khan edition. Reg is P1 NUP, the female driver is absolutely anything but a pinup, I don't know if it was meant to be ironic.....
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    Do I have to deselect ECO every time I start up?

    I have set the Individual mode in my GLC, comfort settings for the majority but sport steering and stop/start off. If I have left the car to go into the supermarket or other relatively short periods of time it starts back up in I don't need to turn economic off manually...
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    North West Detailer

    Remyroc in Preston. Just had my GLC250D done, results astounding and pics on his website and FB page. Already booked my previous winter protection valet.
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    Out with the old and in with the New!

    It's funny as I have the running boards on the GLC. I've had them before on a Disco and they are a right pain In the ****, always catching trousers on them on exit and ending up with a line of dirt, on the other hand they are great for the kids (5 and 7) getting in and out and it just looks so...
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    Formula 1...2016

    More overtaking in one lap than a whole F1 race, sooooo glad it's back :-)
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