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  1. Iain

    Alloys W202 208 210

    Set of standard alloys 16" alloys to fit W202,W210 and W208. May fit others. Will need refurb and tyres replacing but they are cheap £40 Also have a set of 16" steel wheels with winter tyres just legal FREE!
  2. Iain

    W202 cup holder

    I have on in the 208 which I believe is the same.
  3. Iain

    W208 CLK230K VS CLK320 Power for fun

    I agree. Fuel consumption is brilliant. You can buy mine if you want
  4. Iain

    Winter wheels & tyres

    Set of steel wheels with 205/55 x 16 winter tyres. Done about 3 or 4 winters so not new but will do a turn. Comes with short bolts for the steels. £40
  5. Iain

    202 wheels

    I have a set of standard alloys for a W202. They will need a refurb and tyres will need replacing, but I have a new set to go with them if required. 205/55 x 16 Wheels £40 the set Tyres £120 all 4
  6. Iain

    W202 spares

    I have 4 x C class sport alloys with tyres that need to go and also 4 genuine steel wheels with kumho winters on. Anyone interested. They are all 205 55 16 £60 the lot
  7. Iain

    W202 spare wheels winter tyres

    I have 4 x C class sport alloys with tyres that need to go and also 4 genuine steel wheels with kumho winters on. Anyone interested. They are all 205 55 16 £60 the lot
  8. Iain

    Advice needed

    Intercooler pipes also checked.
  9. Iain

    Advice needed

    Tried and tested mechanic, although I'm surprised that he didn't hear the sound when test driving. I'm hoping he would have checked that.
  10. Iain

    Advice needed

    My ML 270cdi developed an air leak a month ago. More of a whooshing from under the hood. Took it to my local mechanic who smoke tested it and found the inlet was leaking like a sieve and a couple of flaps were broken. I must also add that there was no noticeable lack of power whilst...
  11. Iain

    Glycine watches

    My personal day to day is an Ebel as worn by my father for many years.
  12. Iain

    202 alloys

    Sorting through my garage I've come across my old alloys that were on my W202 kompressor. They are the standard 16" six spoke. Not the worst condition, but would need a refurb to make mint or use as is for winter tyres. £60 collected. Also have an inlet manifold and fuel rail/injectors for...
  13. Iain

    Kent pubs or B&B's

    There is at the Golf club next door
  14. Iain

    Kent pubs or B&B's

    Henry V111 at Hever opposite the Castle. Food is spot on!
  15. Iain

    18" Carlsson alloys

  16. Iain

    clk 270cdi

    Guys. Looking at changing to a CLK 270 cdi. What should I be looking out for engine wise apart from the usual fsh. I have read a bit about flaps in the inlet gumming up. Any other issues. If this proves to be a bit of a no goer, I have also been considering a 2.4 Alfa in either the 159...
  17. Iain

    18" Carlsson alloys

    Would anyone be interested in some 18" Carlsson alloys. I have a set of 4 knocking about. Would need a refurb and new rubber as none fitted at present. Would make lovely wheels when done. £200 no offers They are the ones in the avatar.
  18. Iain

    W124 C250 TD head and turbo

    Fuel pump available?
  19. Iain

    W124 250TD parts for sale

    Hi. Do you have the fuel pump for this still?
  20. Iain

    Wipers/indicators stopped working

    Dec. Many thanks for your reply. I have just come back the workshop after a bit of testing and have come to the same conclusion as you. I have, under a bit of guidance, power probed the wipers and found them to be working perfectly. Didn't bother with indicators as the hazard side of things...
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