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  1. rayaans

    Dealer can't reset service indicator and want £109.80 to investigate...Help

    Try doing the reset yourself again. The issue is that it won't let you reset it if its only been a couple of days. Mine wouldn't either. I kept it going for around 20-30 days and reset it myself and no issues.
  2. rayaans

    Really Really Stupid People

    Yes repairable - but the costs would be huge as the parts are ridiculously priced. Most policies say they'll provide you with a brand new car if its written off within the first 12 months anyway.
  3. rayaans


    Its not expensive for a main dealer I suppose. My MB specialist is doing my A7 service for £400 which is the ATF AFAIK A5 includes the standard A service + air filter, fuel filter and the brake fluid
  4. rayaans

    W205 rear tyres. AMG Line C220i

    Ive put Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 5's on the rear of my car. I do like them, no more wheelspin at all compared to the continentals and they're wearing much better. The continental contisport contact 5s I had wore out in 20k miles of mainly motorway driving which I find a bit odd. So...
  5. rayaans

    Panoramic roof blind issue

    Might be worth trying I guess. I've booked it in for Merc to see. And we'll see what happens seen as though they were messing around with that area in January
  6. rayaans

    Panoramic roof blind issue

    Mine is a 2015 w204. So the sunroof is closed which isn't an issue but using the above method when trying to close the blind all the way without using the auto close feature it'll stop half way and won't close further It's almost like it thinks halfway is the full closed position It's sort of
  7. rayaans

    Panoramic roof blind issue

    Login story short, panoramic sunroof and blind worked as normal yesterday Today the blind didn't open fully, opened in intervals and once opened would not close, it stops about halfway. Any idea on how to reset this? Appears everything is fine otherwise, no wierd noises and was replaced by...
  8. rayaans

    W204 sunroof blind issues

    Didn't really know where to put this. Anyways, full pan roof cables and everything else was changed under warranty in January 2020 by Merc Now the blind is fully open and only closes partially. Just stops after moving a quarter of the length of the pan roof. After its stopped it can't be closed...
  9. rayaans

    Metallic clicking noise

    Flipping noise disappeared randomly for a few days Then came back again with the same characteristics. Its all a bit odd. Atleast I cant hear it with the windows closed!
  10. rayaans

    Really Really Stupid People

    Yes I dont see the issue with that. If it happens to me, which it does often, I indicator left and wait for a gap or someone to let me through into the other lane, or the car to have made a turn and free the lane up. In York, there's a road with a traffic light turning left. The left traffic...
  11. rayaans

    Really Really Stupid People

    Dont see whats wrong with that? If you do indicate and it takes 5 minutes for the light to change, that things ticking for a whole 5 minutes. Id find that more annoying to be honest
  12. rayaans

    GLE63s Brakes

    I believe the rear brakes are used for breaking when cruise control is on which might explain the situation? Having said that, big, heavy car, with performance credentials needing to stop as fast as it goes - I would assume soft pads to ensure it stops! I would say 25k isnt bad for the fronts
  13. rayaans

    Metallic clicking noise

    Thats what I thought initially. But the sound is odd, its a distinctive click. All the wheel bearings Ive had go previously were like growling noises.
  14. rayaans

    Metallic clicking noise

    I did check the tread, there were some stones in there but it primarily comes from the left. Ive actually spent more time listening to it. It actually seems to get worse when turning to the left, and its coming from the left side of the vehicle It is wheel speed related yes, gets faster the...
  15. rayaans

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    my two pence on the subject. As a medical professional, I do believe there has been a lot of scaremongering going on in the media. Now, coronavirus is very real, I believe I have had it myself, albeit at a time when testing wasn't widely available even to NHS staff. A significant number of my...
  16. rayaans

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Thought I would share a few of mine that I did recently - quick wash (still takes 2 hours) though! I think its wearing 5 years/70k miles very well tbh. 2 bucket wash with carchem 1900:1 Snow foam - DetailedOnline Lava Wheels - Autosmart Smart wheels 10:1, rinsed and protected with...
  17. rayaans

    Metallic clicking noise

    Hi guys, so after this beautiful weather we've been having over the past 2 months, and driving about 300 miles a week, Ive been keeping my sunroof and windows open regularly. Anyway, Ive noticed a metallic clunking/clicking noise from what appears to be from around the front passenger side...
  18. rayaans

    Cost of your B1 service, where....

    I've been quoted £375 for an A7 service which includes the auto transmission fluid change this year.
  19. rayaans

    Cost of your B1 service, where....

    My B1 service was £202 Inc Vat and all extras at 4 years of age at my local indy. They also have access to DSB so it's all updated on there as well
  20. rayaans

    Tar spots

    Use a dedicated tar remover for tar spots like mentioned - The most effective, and also cost effective ones are Autosmart Tardis or Powermaxed Tar Off. Just be aware that they will bleach black plastic and rubber. The way to get around this is to spray finely on the car and use a microfibre...
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