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  1. paulshep69

    Claim To Fame?

    I didn't shoot the sheriff but I did shoot his deputy.
  2. paulshep69

    C63 Economy

    Hope you stopped for a coffee as the car's suggesting.
  3. paulshep69

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Saw FUE1L on a silver SLS coupe in Aberdeen today, it must have been an SLS day out today in NE Scotland, I also saw a dark brown convertible in Keith, parked at the side of the A96, didn't see the reg though. Also saw 70 000 (spaced like that) on a Range Rover in Aberdeen.
  4. paulshep69

    Merc Specialist in Edinburgh or elsehwere in Scotland

    Cocos Kustoms in East Calder, here. He is well into VWs now but was an AMG master mechanic.
  5. paulshep69

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    I sent the guy a message about £4K being too much for the plate. He said he'd had a couple of offers in the £2K region.
  6. paulshep69

    C63 Economy

    On a good run (Elgin to Edinburgh airport - 170 miles) I managed 350 miles on a tank and an average of 28.8 mpg, that was before my remap though. I'm lucky to get above 25 mpg now on the same run, so just over 300 miles I'd say would be my maximum range.
  7. paulshep69

    Skinny wheel tyre

    Here's the link:
  8. paulshep69

    Skinny wheel tyre

    I'd never heard of or seen this before, just type folding tyre Mercedes Benz in to YouTube and watch. It does need inflating before use, a pretty clever invention I'd say.
  9. paulshep69

    Tyre width

    Just found his post from last year, 245s on the front and 275s on the rear (19") and it was a saloon.
  10. paulshep69

    Tyre width

    I'm pretty sure H20MRV used to run 275s on his car, I think he had a saloon, he's in an Audi now and doesn't seem to post here anymore.
  11. paulshep69

    2016 E63 - oil top up message

    Mine said "check oil at next fuel stop" but I think this was connected to me having my B service 5 days after it was due. Is your service overdue maybe, or it could genuinely use oil? My 6.2 doesn't use any at all but some peoples cars seem to.
  12. paulshep69

    C63 service B

    I've just had mine for its B service today at Mercedes Benz in Inverness. I was quoted £750 to start off with, this included gearbox oil change and air filter replacement. As it happened, my car had previously had the gearbox oil changed, 3 services ago, and I have BMC filters fitted, so no...
  13. paulshep69

    Something Seriously Wrong With Car, Need Advise/Help Please

    I fitted MPSS on my 19" wheels too, on the rave reviews, people were giving on the forum. I haven't had any serious handling issues but my set were made from the softest rubber in the world. They've only been fitted for around 2000 miles and they look almost shot already. At least my...
  14. paulshep69

    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    Started learning to drive in a Triumph Acclaim, passed my test in a Mk 4 Ford Escort.
  15. paulshep69


    This would be much more effective, if you knew he wasn't going to be in the house for a few days, plenty of time to hatch before they're just cleaned up.
  16. paulshep69

    c63 507 look alloys brand new mpss tyres

    Read the title, MPSS maybe?
  17. paulshep69

    Mb Inverness/aberdeen

    I use a local guy in Elgin for most of my work (SLR Motors) since I've been going there, he's bought himself a C63 too.
  18. paulshep69

    Mb Inverness/aberdeen

    I use MB Inverness all the time for my servicing. At my first service they tried to get me to buy front tyres and discs all round, I declined, had the tyres replaced at a local garage, my discs lasted another 15000 miles, before I changed them for corrosion on the inner face. They always...
  19. paulshep69

    C63 B Service at MB - notify them of remap?

    I was told by Paul at Eurocharged that their software is a little bit sneaky and when it flashes the ECU, it keeps the same number on the flash counter. Mine's well out of warranty so I'm not fussed if they can see mine's mapped.
  20. paulshep69

    Carry it on...

    What if Alice didn't have any neighbours? (who the f**k is Alice?)
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