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  1. w124nut

    Bank holiday driving

    I've held a full driving licence for 59 years and during this time have seen traffic volumes increase to the extent that rush hour begins at about 5 am and lasts to 7 pm; in some areas I appreciate that the period of rush hour is greater. Although in the main, the standard of motoring in the UK...
  2. w124nut

    Mercedes Specialist Exeter?

    Try googling MBS Exeter. This is an independent Mercedes and BMW garage, they say. I've had a engine wiring harness changed there in 2005 and have had no related problem since.
  3. w124nut

    Merits (or not) of ceramic coatings for paintwork please

    I am pleased with the Gtechniq product. Can't say no more.
  4. w124nut

    Longest time you have kept a car

    Bought my W124 in January 2005 and still have it. My daily driver a Ford Focus, I change every 2 years.
  5. w124nut

    Model code for new E class coupe

    W = saloons/sedans, S = estates, C = coupes, A = convertibles, V = stretched saloons/sedans. I refer to my cabriolet as a W124 but really it's an A124 - crazy!
  6. w124nut

    W124 320CE EngineTemperature

    You mention that your new radiator has just distilled water in it. Although what I write will not solve your problem, I would recommend that you add Mercedes recommended antifreeze as it contains a rust inhibitor and I believe, it will reduce any electrolytic action between the cast iron engine...
  7. w124nut

    Formula One 2018 - General Thread

    Bad boys Silverstone! At the start of Channel 4 screening of the race. the union flag was shown upside down. Didn't stop me enjoying the race though. It's a pity that tyre strategy was not correct when the safety car was deployed. Lewis will get his own back in Germany, I hope.
  8. w124nut

    Normand of Bromley - a little help please.

    When I lived in Hayes (Kent), I used Normand Bromley to service my W123 200E and later purchased a new W123 230E from them. Normand was sold to a company HMG who later sold to Malaya Bromley. Now I live in Somerset so it was nice to read the previous posts bringing back memories.
  9. w124nut

    MOT history

    Use the link below, it be what you want.
  10. w124nut

    In car cameras

    I have had no problems with my 512 fitted at Halfords. The guy who fitted the dash cam was contracted by Halfords and not a member of their staff so I was lead to believe. He told me that he was working all hours of the day fitted these cameras and not just at the store where the job was done...
  11. w124nut

    In car cameras

    I've had hard-wired fitted by Halfords, a Nextbase 512. It records on a loop basis of 2 hours overwriting oldest video first. It has been reliable since purchase in November last year.
  12. w124nut

    New Tyres - Slippy...?

    It shouldn't take more than 100 miles of normal driving to "scrub" the tyres for grip. I've also experienced the lack of expected grip with new tyres but was informed by the tyre shop to take it easy for the said distance.
  13. w124nut

    Interesting EBay find

    Replica or original? My guess is that it is a replica.
  14. w124nut


    I am not very good at expressing myself in response to your initial post but I would like to send my best wishes to you Derek. It was some years ago if you remember, that I sent to you my duff engine wiring harness from my W124 for you fettle and make good. Since then, I have made a point to...
  15. w124nut

    Dash-cam vigilantes

    I was bought a dash cam for Christmas and it is used on a daily basis. A big spin-off for me as a result of its installation is that I am more aware of how I conduct myself on the road as the camera records the previous 2 hours of my driving. During January, it has recorded various standards...
  16. w124nut

    Top Windscreen Seal, 124 Cabriolet.

    Thank you for the above. I have saved the part number plus photos.
  17. w124nut

    The lost art of meaurement wording.

    The most interesting thread on this Forum. Some posts had me in stitches. Going to have my tea now, be back in a jiffy hopefully to read some more postings .
  18. w124nut

    6week ban

    Hi Carnut, I had an operation for a hip replacement in Nuffield Hospital, Taunton but I was in Shepton Mallet hospital for a total knee replacement. I can't praise this hospital enough. The building, staff and food were excellent. A five star hotel!!!
  19. w124nut

    6week ban

    Good luck with your operation. I had my hip replaced in 2004 and within 12 weeks I went walking with friends over the Yorkshire moors. My secret is, do your physio exercises and don't cheat. Are you having a general anaesthetic or local?
  20. w124nut

    My other car is.....

    A 2015 Ford Focus hatchback
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